Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile – Congratulations LinkedIn!!


Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles
Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles

Congratulations LinkedIn on surpassing 200,000,000 members today!  To celebrate, I received an email this morning with this infographic congratulating me on being on of the Top 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles. I was very excited…and then realized I probably needed to get out more. <blush> But I was still excited.

Yes, many people were sent these email today. About 2,000,000 people received the 1% designation. I know others that received the 5% accolades and the 10% reward. I find it to be a very inclusive public relations move on LinkedIn’s part.  I mean Facebook did not thank me when it celebrated certain member thresholds. Twitter did not thank me when it landed more capital investments to keep advancing its reach. It is a small, but nice, gesture on LinkedIn’s part. And now I can say I am the Top 1%. LOL
Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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