Executive Job Search Checklist – What You Need Beyond Your Executive Resume

Executive Job Search ChecklistDeveloping Your Executive Job Search Checklist

Whether on your own, through an executive job search club or by hiring a professional executive resume writer and job search consultant, today’s executive job seeker must be prepared to capitalize on the wealth of opportunities before them in today’s competitive employment marketplace. There is opportunity, but you must be prepared to edge out your competition by presenting yourself in the best way possible. There are no second chances.

To ensure you develop the tools needed for your job search, below is a list, by no means exhaustive, that has been compiled to get you started to assemble the tools and resources you will need to conduct a successful job search.

• Branded resume, LinkedIn profile, executive Bio, One-page Networking Resume, ASCII, mobile resume
• Crafted situation- achievement-result stories that outline results from strategic implementations
• Cover letters, thank you notes, exploratory inquiry communications and related follow-up protocols.
• Interviewing Preparation—Company research, job / contact research, exploratory, standard, behavioral & situational interview questions
• Salary research & compensation package negotiations
• Networking – Traditional networking opportunities, Eventbrite, Meetup, school alumni groups, corporate alumni groups, professional and industry associations.
• Online Presence & Networking Tools: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Google+
• Online Job Resources: LinkUp, Indeed, Specialty Niche boards, Google Alerts, Job Board Alerts
• Job Search Activity Tracking & Organization: JibberJobber, Tim’s Strategy, Jackalope jobs, ever note, mobile resources, Excel
• Profession & Industry-based employment and job search trends. Know what you have to do and avoid what are dated practices.

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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