3 Strategies for Answering the ‘Greatest Weakness’ Interview Question


answering greatest weakness interview questionRandom people on LinkedIn reach out to me via email to ask how to handle the ‘What is your greatest weakness?’ interview question.

Without knowing someone, this is virtually impossible to answer in an email.

Depending on what your actual weaknesses and target roles are, this answer can vary widely between people when it is an authentic answer.

However, here are some angles to take when formulating your answer:


(1) Pick a weakness that is not related to your job. For instance, you shouldn’t say your weakness is working with numbers if you are applying for an accounting job 😉


(2) Choose something that recently used to be a weakness and couple the answer with how you rectified this deficiency. Demonstrate how you addressed it. When using this tactic, be prepared with a current, unresolved weakness, in case a follow-up is asked.


(3) Select a weakness that is current, but is only related to your progression in your career, such as public speaking or training others. Outline how you are engaging in professional development to shore up this skill and improve your performance in this area so you can continue to advance once it is mastered.

Whatever your answer or angle, I always suggest the following on how you should address your weaknesses: 

Ask for help, work with others who have your weakness as a strength, courses, training, or mentorship – there are some examples of actions you can take to address the weakness.

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Be well! 



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