5 Levels of Productive LinkedIn Bliss

  Recently inspired by Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, I came up with the 5 Levels of Productive LinkedIn Bliss:        
Level 5 - Self-Actualization:  
When you have great things happen to you from all your new and enriched relationships that came from being on LinkedIn.  
Level 4 - Esteem:
When your network sees how accomplished you are and you recognize your network for their achievements. Feels good :)  
Level 3 - Belonging + Love:
Connecting with colleagues, reconnecting with friends, and making new contacts. Joining 100 of the right groups.  
Level 2 - Safety:
Ensuring you have the right account settings for optimal information sharing while still being safe.  
Level 1 - Physiological Needs:
Making sure you have a solid, healthily-optimized LinkedIn Profile to make the best first impression in the first place.   Want to learn more about all 5 of these in greater detail? Don't miss my upcoming LinkedIn Profile training! Reserve your spot here -> http://chameleonresumes.com/awlinkedinreg/ We will cover all of this and more.   Don't miss it! http://chameleonresumes.com/awlinkedinreg/   Lisa  

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