The 'GET HIRED FAST!' Success Package

Have you been struggling to get results with your resume or unsure how to find hidden executive job opportunities suitable for you?

These resources will instruct you how to write an interview-producing resume and cover letter, develop your own job leads, and prepare you to ace your interviews, to land the right offer.

We will take the mystery out of how to write a branded resume and conduct a successful job search.

Stop struggling, be ready to promote yourself confidently and have documents and a job search plan that is reflective of what you have achieved.

What's Included In This Special Offer:

Our ‘GET HIRED FAST!’ Success Package contains everything you need to improve your existing resume and LinkedIn profile to achieve results in your job search faster.

The Do-It-Yourself Branded Resume eBook

($10 value) written by Lisa Rangel, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and former recruiter, to guide you to form your professional brand and your unique value proposition, which you will incorporate into your resume and cover letters. You will uncover your achievements, strengths and value propositions that hiring managers want to see when they read your resume.

Branded Resume Recorded Webinar

($37 value). This recorded Webinar is as if Lisa Rangel is giving you personal step by step instruction on how to construct your Resume Summary, Employment and Education/Skills sections and how to utilize Keyword Optimization, so recruiters will find you and want to call you. Learn how to write an achievement-based resume to outshine your competition. Know how to format most unique employment scenarios: promotions, employment gaps, multiple temporary jobs and at-home-parents-returning-to-work, for example, are some of the scenarios addressed with examples.

The 7 Job Landing Steps to Find Your Ideal Job eManual

($147 value) brings everything together to ensure you use the right job search and target list building resources to start your job search. This eManual will help you: define your path and career pursuits. Further reinforce your career communication documents with even more samples and examples to customize your resume for different jobs. We'll show you how to use search techniques to find the right companies to pursue and the right people to contact. Learn how to turn job search rejection into positive reinforcement to pursue what you really want. We'll also cover the best way to prepare for interviews, as well as how to negotiate the best salary for you and your skill set.

The 40-page Getting Results from LinkedIn Guide

as an additional in-depth resource to help you optimize your contacts to identify opportunities ($75 value). Learn how to use the Advanced Search Feature, LinkedIn Groups and many other tactics to help you generate job leads and increase your chances of being found by hiring managers.

How to Double, Even Triple, Your Job Leads Using LinkedIn Recorded Webinar

($37 value). Never be dependent on third-party recruiters and job boards again! Learn how to find the hidden job market and generate your own job leads with proven tactics taught by Lisa Rangel in this recorded Webinar.

The Getting Results from Facebook Guide

shows you how to identify contacts that can help you land your next job ($75 value). Never thought you could find job leads and make hiring manager connections on Facebook? Think again! This valuable guide will show you how to find job opportunities and get yourself noticed by the hiring managers managing the Facebook company page.

The Interview Confidently, Get Hired & Don’t Sell Out eBook

($10 value). Learn how to conduct yourself confidently on interviews to land your next role on your terms and to ensure your happiness at work. Discover the best way to learn about the company, interviewer, role and competitors to uncover inside scoops and essential corporate culture information to help you make the right decision for you. Know the right questions to ask and having the right answers their questions to reduce your anxiety and improve your performance.

Interview Preparation Recorded Webinar

($37 value). Understand how to present your salary and compensation parameters and not sell yourself short to negotiate the highest salary you can! Learn what to do to prepare before the interview – we'll show you how to research the company, interviewer and job, and use that information to your advantage. Successfully answer both common and uncommon interview questions. We'll also cover how to prepare the right questions to ask the interviewer, and what to wear (it is not obvious), bring and how to impress the first time around.

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