Interview Confidently eBook & Recorded Webinar Bundle

Are you getting interviews, but not landing the job?

Do you stumble when answering the same question on interviews?

Do you have the right first impression to help set you apart from the crowd?

Our Interview Confidently eBook and Recorded Webinar Bundle will prepare you to ace your next interview. Save over 20% off the list price!!
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Our Interview Confidently eBook and Recorded Webinar Bundle
contains all the tools you need to successfully
navigate your next interview.

What's Included In This Special Offer:

It’s extremely critical to “wow” the interviewer the first time in this competitive environment.

In this eBook and recorded webinar, Resume and Job Search expert, Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes, will give you concrete advice on the following items:

- What to do to prepare before the interview – Learn what to research about the company, interviewer and position.
- Know about your resume and how to answer questions from it.
- Successfully answering both common and uncommon questions.
- Preparing the right questions to ask the interviewer.
- What to wear, bring and how to impress the first time around.

Invest in yourself to learn how to conduct yourself confidently on interviews to land your next role on your terms!!