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Better They Cry Than-A You Cry – Career Advice from My 75-Year Old Italian Nana


career advice from my 75-year old italian nanaWhen my daughter was born 14 years ago, my then 75-year old Italian Nana came to stay with me for 2 weeks to help me with the baby.

C-section kicked my butt. 

I was even more exhausted than the just-had-baby norm.

My grandmother was (and thankfully still is) a Godsend.

At one point during her stay with us, my newborn daughter was having a particularly ear-piercing fussy cry a few days into her new life.

And I was flustered, like a new mom should be.

How can I make her stop crying? Feeding….diaper change…wrap her in a baby blanket burrito….

Nothing was working. Continue Reading…