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Small (But Important) Resume Mistakes All Execs Should Avoid

Resume Mistakes All Execs Should AvoidResume faux pas can really cost an executive the interview. Simply put, at this stage in the game you should know how to write a killer resume, but there’s so much confusion out there that even the most experienced professionals fumble.

Avoid the following executive resume mistakes and you’ll be way ahead of the game.Continue Reading…

3 Reasons Why Functional Resumes Suck

Chronological versus Functional Resumes


I was a search firm recruiter for 13 years and I can tell you that a reverse chronological resume is really the only way to go. Functional resumes suck.

I ran a consulting desk for the majority of the time I recruited and I still believe that a chronological resume is best for job seekers pursuing  either direct hire positions and consulting work. Functional resumes just don’t work.

This blog post initially ran as a Guest Blog Post by @LisaRangel on Tim’s Strategy. 

While there are many reasons why a chronological resume is best, there are three main reasons why I (and most recruiters who won’t call you for an interview) dislike functional resumes and why you should consider not using one:Continue Reading…