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How YOU Can Get Hired During the Holidays


get hired durig the holidaysDo companies hire during the holiday season?

You may be hearing, “People are busy,” “No one is in the office,” or “Companies are dealing with end of year taxes”.

But what if I told you that you can get hired during the Holidays?

Between business critical positions needing to be filled and the urgency of using up the company budget before the end of the fiscal year, there are plenty reasons why companies need to hire new staff in December. The key is to know how to use this time of year to your advantage.Continue Reading…

When is the Perfect Time to Look for a Job? How to Time the Market…

“Should I look for a job during or after the holidays?” “Should I wait until I things pick up? It seems like no one is hiring…”

I fielded questions like these over the last two weeks. Timing the employment market is like timing the stock market. You may get lucky – the type of luck it takes to win the lottery – and find something amazing if you start because you think the timing is right. More often than not, finding a job is related to the tortoise and the hare story—slow and steady (and mindful) wins the race. Continue Reading…