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7 Ways an Effective LinkedIn Profile Will Improve Your Job Search


effective LinkedIn profileEven with the continual changes that LinkedIn makes to profile set-up and setting options, one thing hasn’t changed: to improve your odds of landing your executive dream job, you need an optimized LinkedIn profile. It is important to stay on top of ongoing changes that can affect job seekers in being found by recruiters who use LinkedIn to find talent. How your LinkedIn profile is written is as important as ever.

You can check out an example of LinkedIn’s profile setup, along with explanations of the various aspects, here: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/sample

In terms of effectiveness for your job search, here are 7 ways optimizing your LinkedIn profile will improve your job search – dare I say?? – overnight:Continue Reading…

LinkedIn Activity Feed: Optimizing Your Exposure To Stay Top Of Mind

LinkedIn Activity FeedThe LinkedIn Activity Feed, that resides on the home page when a LinkedIn member logs into their account, is a treasure trove of information from their connections and followed companies. Posting information, via the update function for information to appear in the Activity Feed, is a great way for a LinkedIn member to stay top of mind to their connections. By posting interesting information of value on a regular basis to your LinkedIn Activity Feed, hiring managers and recruiters within your connection reach start to see you as a generous, knowledgeable resource to reach out for referrals and inquiries to when open roles are available.

Types of information that one can consider posting is:Continue Reading…