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LinkedIn Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

LinkedIn MistakesSome people mistakenly assume that LinkedIn requires a minimum setup while they sit back and wait for recruiters to contact them. Others assume that they’ve got LinkedIn in the bag. They’ve got everything filled out and a great photo, but they are still hearing crickets.

The reality is that LinkedIn takes a bit more effort in order for it to be really effective for the executive job hunt. Below you’ll find some LinkedIn mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making (and how to avoid them).Continue Reading…

LinkedIn Profile Checklist – 10 Steps to Get You Started

linkedin profile checklistYour LinkedIn profile is one of the most important resources you have to reinforce your personal brand and candidate appeal. Use this LinkedIn Profile Checklist to reinforce your key accomplishments in your resume and cover letter and to deliver even more information about who you are and your capabilities to hiring managers reading your LinkedIn profile.Continue Reading…