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EXECUTIVE SKYPE INTERVIEWS: What You Need To Know To Connect With Your Interviewer


executive skype interviewsEmployers are using Skype for interviewing more than ever to save time and money. No need to fly candidates in or schedule all day interviews to capitalize on a candidate physically being in town. Also, with an increasing global workforce where teams work remotely, Skype interviewing helps to see how a candidate interfaces virtually as a precursor to how they will communicate virtually with a team.

Companies typically use Skype for the initial screening interview. However, I have seen entire hiring processes done virtually to make a hire. How Skype is used during the interview process depends on the structure of the company and what the company is trying to assess.Continue Reading…

2016 Executive Job Interview Trends


2016 executive job interview trendsWant to come across as a savvy executive interviewer on your next interview? As you are preparing your answers to interview questions, do not underestimate preparation for interview logistics. Many interview assessments are now done via video and Skype. Additionally, do not rely on your traditional negotiation tactics in answering questions. Boldly doing it differently will set you apart from the competition. Here are six tactics, stemming from trends we are seeing, you will want to use in your next interview:

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Executive Phone Interview? 10 Important Techniques to Land the Offer


executive-phone-interviewExecutive phone interviews are very different from an in-person or video interview and pose special challenges. When the job position you want is on the line, you need to know how to make the right impression.

Employment interviews take place in person, via webcam, and on the telephone. The big difference for a telephone interview is the lack of your ability to see, or telegraph, important nonverbal cues.

To some, a telephone interview is a comfortable alternative to the exposure of a video interview, or the intensity of an in-person interview. Interestingly, a survey by Software Advice found applicants who had experienced a video interview preferred video to a phone interview. A big reason for the preference is the ability to share nonverbal messaging.

When you have a phone interview for an executive position, how can you use that format to your advantage?

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