2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #1: Mobile Branding

Making your resume mobile friendly does not end your mobile branding efforts. The information you use for your resume can be a springboard for creating your mobile-friendly LinkedIn Profile and your branded.me page, which feeds off your LinkedIn Profile content. Being mindful on how your information appears on mobile phones and tablets will ensure audiences see you as a detailed marketing-savvy exec, no matter what your discipline is.

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #2: Work/Life Melding

Making yourself attractive to employers online and marketing your company’s ability using, for example, your LinkedIn Profile is becoming one and the same and no longer compartmentalized tasks. Savvy executives know competitors are attracted to job search candidates that demonstrate the behavior they want to see in their own organization. Using your brand to include some aspects of your personal life in your online presence can be effective to getting staff to see the executive as a regular person, as well. The lines are blurring.

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #3: Relevant Digital Presence – Why are you on it?

Don’t be on a social media channel just to be on it. Ask yourself why you are on it? Who are you trying to attract? I often see busy executives on a social media channel that does not make any sense to me. Their target audience (i.e. hiring manager, recruiter, potential recruit, and prospect) does not hang out there, so why are they working to build a professional presence there? It is important to look at who you are trying to attract and know where they hang out…and then be there!

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #4: With all the new, do not forget the traditional.

Some have said to forget your resume. I say forget your resume and kill your career. Why? It’s the resume process, the process of vetting relevant achievements and developing one’s personal brand, which is the basis of all of these branding mediums and their elements. Even if you do not send the resume to everyone, doing the exercise gets challenges and achievements flushed out to focus on the relevant ones—enabling you to come across as a forward thinking executive and not simply a senior executive spewing their history to impress for no reason.

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #5: Giving and Receiving Engagement

If you are only putting content out there, then you are producing content. If you take the time to comment and share other’s content, then you are fostering engagement. Effective personal brands engage on other’s platforms, answer back comments on their own platforms and product content. Be aware of oversharing, yet being real is important. Being a one-way street content producer does not enhance a personal brand.

2016 Executive Personal Branding Trends #6: New Mediums to Explore

Many executive branding blogs talk about having an About.me page, your own personal website and a personal blog, whether you do that on LinkedIn Publishing or your own URL Blog. Some of the newer mediums on the scene (or older mediums now becoming mainstream for executives to use) involve video, live streaming and more interconnected static pages such YouTube, Facebook Video, Blab, Periscope and Branded.me pages. You may not need to be on all or any of these mediums. Being aware of the ways to reach your target audience though (candidates for hire, vendors, clients, prospects, employees, etc) will enable you to employ a tactic quickly when needed.

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