3 Ways to Politely Interrupt a Chatty Interviewer

chatty interviewer

Ever interview where the interviewer just won’t stop talking?

Good lawd… what is a job seeker to do!

There you are, listening intently to the chatty interviewer and not interrupting, like your Mamma taught you, but you can’t get a word in just life Congress can’t get a bill passed.

A true dilemma!

So what do you do when an interviewer won’t shut up, but you need to prove yourself in 45 minutes to land the job?

Here are some tactics that can allow you to slide a word, even a sentence in, and interrupt the chatty pattern to begin to shift the conversation from one-sided to two-sided:

(1)    As the interviewer is talking about the job, politely interrupt with a question about the job…

(2)    At a point where the interviewer talks about a challenge the department is experiencing, interrupt with a qualifying question, and then bring up a scenario where you solved that challenge.

(3)    When the interviewer bring up a win, you can attempt to relate with, again, a polite interruption, showing how you had a similar win and know how gratifying it is to experience that win.

So you can interrupt politely.  Show your eagerness to chat—but not by talking over the interviewer, but with questions about what they are saying to show you are listening and applying what they are telling you.

This is an easy solution to an awkward problem that can truly thwart your interview progress.

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Be well!


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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