"How to Design A Powerful Resume to Land Interviews and Get the Offer!"

Ensure your resume will generate interviews for the jobs you want by working with the company that named one of the Top 100 Career Websites and who LinkedIn hired to moderate their 1,800,000+ member Premium Career Group! 

Hosted by Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, LLC 

As a skilled professional struggling to land an interview, can you place yourself in any one (or more) of the following categories? 

  • Colleagues telling you that your resume does not reflect how good you really are. 
  • Unhappy in your current job and eager to land the right job faster. 
  • Facing a career transition and need to showcase your experience to appeal to a new industry.  

You’re not the only one! Thousands of people, every day, are looking for employment under these same circumstances. Your resume, along with most of theirs, is simply being passed over.

Why? Because it’s boring and doesn't properly highlight your achievements. It’s outdated. It leaves the reader confused about the position for which you are submitting. It doesn’t tell them what they really want to know. And it doesn’t make you sound like the expert you are.

During my free masterclass training, I'll be sharing concrete, constructive, actionable feedback on how to fix common resume mistakes:

What words to use to present yourself effectively, since what you're currently using hasn't worked well.

How to structure your resume, taking into account what kind of information recruiters want to find, and where.

How to make your resume achievement-driven, which delivers the results you offer straight into the recruiter's hands.

Bottom line: I understand how recruiters and hiring managers read resumes and how they choose resumes of candidates to interview. If you want to land interviews, you need to know how resumes work effectively in the job search process.

During this vastly instructive training, I'll be sharing my 13-years of recruiting experience and insight as LinkedIn's Premium Career Group Moderator. In just 60 minutes you'll learn to transform your bland, outdated resume into a robust and powerful marketing tool that will stop recruiters & hiring managers in their tracks to examine it more closely and contact you for the coveted interview.

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