Being stuck holding you back?

Being stuck holding you back?

Today’s show is about something so many people face when undertaking a job search, especially when they are unprepared. You might think, “Well, Lisa, that’s not me. I’ve listened to and followed all of your podcasts.”

First, great! You are going to be so much further ahead, all things considered. Second, you’re not out of the woods with the problem we’re going to talk about today, which is getting stuck in your job search. But listen and I’ll tell you how to get unstuck. There are four tell-tale indicators I see from people all the time that they are stuck in job search purgatory.

Show highlights:

  • Indicator 1: What’s really keeping you from sending out those resumes … (2:21)
  • Indicator 2: A paralyzing obsession job searchers entertain as they begin thinking about who in the hiring chain to reaching out to … (2:57)
  • Indicator 3: Prepping for a game you’re not even playing … Plus, a common scenario I see this most often played out … (3:14)
  • Indicator 4: Worry, worry, worry but no follow up.  (3:36)
  • The search-killing assumption that job searchers make that leads to getting stuck … and how to avoid it, or get past it if you make it … (4:36)
  • You’re going to have problems. Make sure you have this kind … (6:00)

Being stuck in your job search can feel like crushing disappointment. You can begin to question your worth and usefulness. But follow the tips in today’s podcast and you’ll have a clear map for how to avoid this tar pit.

As always, though, if you’d like someone to walk beside you as you navigate your job search, we are always glad to help. Head over to to let us help you get moving again and on track for landing your next amazing job.

Back again next week for the Pretend You’re Fired Today podcast series finale!

Be Well


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services


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