The Best Resume Critique - Not FreeWe offer the best resume critique, and it is not free. A free resume critique can often be same empty feedback that is recycled for each person.  We do see the same common mistakes resume after resume, and have a list of them here. If you are looking for a free resume critique, we suggest you take a look at the common list of resume errors at the link above and compare your resume to our resume samples and you will, most likely, see the general, universal items that you need to fix.

However, if you have done the free resume critique and your resume is still not getting the interviews you want, and you now want specific, custom feedback from a recruiter’s perspective that is meant just for you, and not the masses, then invest in our Custom Resume Critique for $300. This Custom Resume Critique will tell you specifically what you need to change and directions on how to make those changes in a way the free resume critique can’t do for you.

How do you know if you need our Custom Resume Critique?

You will benefit from our specific feedback that we include in our Custom Resume Critique, if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Hiring managers tell you that you are better in person than your resume conveys.
  • You are not receiving calls from what you thought was a well-written resume.
  • You have this pervasive, nagging feeling that you have not done everything you can to ensure your resume is the best it can be.
  • You are a professional writer who just needs guidance on this form of writing, to capture the audience you want to consider your resume.
  • You are just lost on what to do to write your resume and you want the best help.
  • You know you wrote a great document, but you want a professional to edit and critique your work to fine tune for public distribution.

Regardless of which of these scenarios is applicable to you, when you invest in the Custom Resume Critique, you resume will be evaluated by a certified resume writer who has former recruiting expertise. This added layer of recruiting expertise will ensure, not only is your resume grammatically correct and well-written, but having it reviewed by the eye of a recruiter will give you exact actions to take on how to make your resume attractive to recruiters.

For a Custom Resume Critique, our team will review:

  • First Impression Upon Initial Document Opening, Grammar, Spelling, Target Job Positioning, Achievements, Credentials, Keyword Optimization, Information Organization & Layout, Branding Elements, and Job Target-Resume Information Congruency—all from a recruiter’s perspective.


What is the investment for the Custom Resume Critique?

The investment for this detailed custom resume critique is $300. Upon making this investment and receiving your resume document via email to review, you will receive the following within 48-72 business hours:

  • An edited version of your resume document in MS Word, where a former recruiter and currently certified resume writer will redline the resume with edits and comment bubble functions offering suggestions on how to improve your content in a specific manner.
  • A bulleted document summary with items to change and the rationale behind it so you understand not only what is important about constructing your resume, but the reasons why behind the suggestions.
  • The Do-It-Yourself Branded Resume Kit eBook, which has even more instructions for you to make all the changes and rewrite the content based on the suggestions offered in the critique.


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