“But That Doesn’t Sound Like Me”

doesn't sound like me

“But That Doesn’t Sound Like Me”

“But That Doesn’t Sound Like Me” was feedback from an actual client when we presented her resume draft to her back in January.

When we asked her in the edit session, “What specifically doesn’t sound like you? Can you give us an example so we can edit and work through it accordingly?”

Her reply, “Well, it’s the whole document. It just sounds too much like a braggart.”

We advised, “OK. Let’s go through it line by line. Let’s make sure we haven’t overstated any of the details and ensure it’s accurate to what you have accomplished.”

She obliged. And we went through the document on the phone with her line by line.

We validated each achievement as something she actually did. In 2 cases, we actually understated her accomplishment… she actually achieved more than what we wrote.

So after the entire document was reviewed, we asked her, “So what do you want to remove to make sure it doesn’t sound too ‘braggy’?”

“Nothing,” she said. “Let’s leave it alone.”

Basically, our client wasn’t comfortable seeing just how awesome she was on paper.

Initially, it was too much and, in her mind, we had to be wrong.

But we weren’t wrong. She WAS awesome.

She needed us to show her the facts that came from her own background.

And that my friends, is the bonus of working and learning from a team like us.

When you can’t see how awesome you are, you put forth a bland, don’t-shine-to-bright version of yourself on paper.

When you learn from our experience, we hold you accountable to your awesomeness.

We help you own it.

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