7 Lame Reasons HR May Not Call Back After You Rocked the Interview

reasons HR may not call back

I receive emails almost daily from frustrated job seekers asking me what they should do when they don’t receive any follow up from potential employers after a job interview. Frustrated, mad, disappointed, offended, tired… can you relate to any of those feelings? Those sentiments often fill my inbox, along with the question, “What is happening…

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8 Insights into HR’s Mind When You Are Being Interviewed


Inside the mind of a hiring manager is a desirable place to be, if you are a job seeker.  Specifically, job seekers want to know what goes on inside the mind of a recruiter before, during and after an interview. The Chameleon Team has over 80 years of collective search firm recruiting, corporate recruiting, and…

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How to Answer the Overqualified Job Interview Question

Have you ever experienced being asked during a job interview (sometimes the second or third interview), “Aren’t you overqualified for this job?”   (Side note: I mean, can’t the person interviewing you tell you are overqualified from looking at your resume? Do they need to bring you in once or multiple times to verify that?) Even…

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Ghosting by Employers: Insights for Job Seekers After an Interview

Waiting for Recruiters to Call

Are you among the many job seekers who have experienced ghosting by the companies you were eager to join? You, as a job seeker, are continually appalled at the lack of follow-through on the part of potential employers after you have interviewed a few times. You cannot help but wonder what happens when HR does…

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How Most People Interview All Wrong

How Most People Interview All Wrong Most people, when they prepare for the interview, dutifully research the company. These are typically the two areas they cover in depth: Company knowledge: Products, service lines, management, competition,growth trajectories, etc… Self Knowledge: Resume details, CAR stories, work communication styles, and standard, behavioral and situational interview question preparation, etc……

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