You Are the CMO of Your Job Search

You Are the CMO of Your Job Search

How people market themselves directly impacts their job search because it’s no longer just about being qualified. The fact that you are qualified is a given at the executive stage, otherwise you wouldn’t have even made it so far.

That’s why executives are now required to go above and beyond their qualifications and begin marketing themselves as viable candidates for the job.

Unfortunately, even after being told about record numbers of recruiters using social media to find candidates, many executives still resist the idea of marketing themselves.
For example, CFOs are really good at numbers but are notoriously known for not being so good at marketing themselves.

And it’s not just CFOs. Many other types of executives also struggle with the idea of marketing to get a job.

That’s why it’s time to start seeing yourself as the Chief Marketing Officer of your job search. Simply put, no one can possibly market you as well you can market yourself. No one also cares as much as you do.

In order to take on your new role as the CMO of your job search it’s imperative that you start thinking like a marketer. Use our tips below to help you out.

Always be marketing.

Marketers are always marketing. Period.

Even when business is slow you will not see them tire of marketing because they know that’s how they get leads. Marketers understand that although it may look like slim pickings for some time, eyes are always watching.

In the case of your job search, keeping consistent with your marketing may mean making sure you are periodically sharing accomplishments or related industry articles on LinkedIn. Furthermore, you have to remain consistent even if you don’t seem to be getting any leads.

Truth be told, marketing is not a one-time deal. It’s a marathon you never stop running.

Stay one step ahead of the game.

Marketers are also always one step ahead of their prospects. They tend to know how prospects may behave before they even do anything. As such they make sure to cover all of their bases.

For instance, let’s say you meet a great contact at a networking event that could lead to a new position. You add them on LinkedIn through your phone app and they promise you they’ll set up a meeting some time down the road.

Rather than waiting for them to contact you to set up a meeting go the extra mile and send them a follow up “Nice to meet you” email within 24 hours of meeting them.

At this stage a true marketer is thinking two things. First, your new contact may get busy with work and life and completely forget to set up a meeting at a later date like they promised. In fact, they may even forget who you are.

That’s why a marketer also thinks that emailing your new contact within a 24 hour period will keep you top of mind. It’s simply a nice touchstone in building a relationship, which is essentially what marketing is all about.

Be Well!



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