Do You Have an Irresponsible Resume?

do you have irresponsible resume instead of an achievement-based resume

Do You Have an Irresponsible Resume?

Here is a self-audit for you to do on your own resume:

How many times do you use the phrase “responsible for”?

If the answer isn’t ZERO then you have too many instances of using this phrase.

Remove it. Now.

Choose an active verb that demonstrates what you are responsible for in your job.

And then tie a result to your responsibility.

See here is the thing…

If you are a Chief Marketing Officer (and this applies to every position. I’m using this title as an example to demonstrate my point…), and you have “responsible for” statements on your resume outlining the areas/tasks you are responsible for without tying achievements to them, you are simply listing job description bullets.

Using tasks this way in your resume showcases nothing uniquely descriptive of how well you did your job.

And then if your fellow competing CMOs are using the same lame phrase on their resumes to describe what THEY are responsible for … well, then you see how all you CMOs can sound the same in the vast sea of CMO resumes.

So be different.

Ditch the responsibilities. Showcase achievements.

This is how you rid yourself of an irresponsible resume and win interviews.

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Do You Have an Irresponsible Resume?


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