How Exercise Can Enhance Your Job Performance

Exercise Can Enhance Job Performance

Exercise has many more benefits than enhancing what you see in the mirror. Yes, it can help you get in shape so you look your best, but there are many more benefits to exercise and studies have even shown that it can help you perform better while you are at work.

There are many benefits to exercising regularly. Once you get into a good workout routine, you will soon begin to feel better and you will have more energy. At night, it will be easier to sleep and those long sleepless nights will become a thing of the past. Your physical appearance will begin to improve as your body begins to get in shape increasing your confidence in all aspects of your life.

If these benefits weren’t enough, your mind emotional wellness also receives a much-needed boost from regular exercise. People who exercise find it easier to concentrate and show improved memory, they learn faster and are more creative. On top of that, stress levels in people who exercise are often much lower and their overall attitude is also much more pleasant as they are generally happier when compared to people who avoid exercise.

Enhanced Physical and Mental Performance

Whether your job requires physical exertion or not, you body will be ready for the task. In addition, your mind will also be at its best and ready to tackle the work you have each day. Studies have shown that our mental power and health are directly linked to the physical exercise we do each day. People who exercise will be able to focus more on their work and often make fewer mistakes because their mind is able to stay in the game. It has also been shown to help improve time-management skills, which will improve your ability to complete your assignments on time.

According to a study published in 2005 by health professor Jim McKenna of Leeds Metropolitan University, exercise can provide an overall work performance boost of up to 15 percent.

Emotional Benefits

Anyone who has ever worked a full day in an office environment or any other type of work environment for that matter knows that mood greatly influences your performance. When you exercise regularly, you will feel better and your stress levels will be reduced improving your daily mood. These effects can go far beyond productivity, as many workers will often feel more satisfied with their jobs and happy with their performance levels if they exercise.

Other Beneficial Effects

Anyone who has ever put in a full day at work is familiar with that post-lunch crash. Sometime in the early afternoon your brain turns to sludge and you just can’t focus on anything. Your productivity falls and you find it hard just surviving the day. People who exercise, on the other hand, have more energy that can allow them to power through this crash or not even experience it at all. This raises their productivity levels through their entire afternoon and they will usually finish the day strong.

Add Exercise to Your Daily Routine

With so many benefits to job performance, it is a wonder that more people don’t make it a point to exercise. The most common excuse given is there just isn’t the time. The truth is, however, most people don’t consider exercise important enough to make the time for it each day. With a little planning, you can obtain the balance you need so it is easier to include in your daily routine.

1. Make it fun.
You don’t have to bore yourself to death on a stationary bike. Find physical activities that you enjoy and make it a point to do them on a regular basis. These could be sports like tennis for example or even hitting the pavement for a nice run outdoors.

2. Change your view of exercise.
Instead of viewing exercise as a simply personal indulgence only to be done if there is extra time, consider more of an investment in yourself and your career. Remember, you perform better when you exercise so it only makes sense that you make sure to include this in your daily routine for the betterment of not only yourself but also the company who employs you.

3. Find a time and stick to it.
Find a time that works for you to do your daily exercises. This could be in the morning or after work or even during your lunch hour. Once you find a time that works best for you, stick with it. Block that time out each day and look at it like a daily meeting that is mandatory for you to attend.

Exercise can provide so many benefits to your life both at home and at work. You will look and feel better and your mind will be sharper than it ever has been if you stick to a daily regimen of exercise. So before you decide to skip your next workout, remember what it can do to help your performance on the job. It might just help you go that extra mile to receive that big promotion you have wanted to help you advance your career.

Be Well!


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