How to Design A Powerful Executive Resume
& A Fail-Safe Job Search Strategy

Hosted by Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, LLC

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Ensure that your resume catches the attention of key decision makers and generates interviews for the jobs you want by working with the company that Forbes named a Top 100 Career Website and the leading resume and career expert who LinkedIn hired to moderate their 2,000,000+ member Premium Career Group!

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David Watson
Senior Healthcare Business & Technology Executive | Driving Positive Results by Aligning Digital & Business Operations

“I start a new job in a few days!”

I used Lisa and Chameleon to rework my resume and LinkedIn profile. After may years in healthcare, both my resume and profile were getting long and unwieldy. In addition, I wanted to position my experience in a different way to avoid getting pigeonholed.

Lisa's team did a great job and were on top of the process - even when I got busy and they needed to be professionally persistent with me to get everything done. I really like the outcome and the change of messaging that we accomplished. And, as proof, I start a new job in a few days!

Whether you need serious help or just a tune up, they will do a great job!


John Villasenor, MBA
Sr Manager Solution Consulting - Strategic Accounts West at ServiceNow

"My LinkedIn profile was so good, I saw a 70% profile increase in the first week."

I was fortunate enough to attend one of Lisa Rangel's webinars on how to create a branded resume, LinkedIn profile, and effective networking techniques. Using her team, coaching opportunities, and a strong positive attitude, 42 days later I landed the exact job I was searching for.

Lisa's team is, without question, one of the most professional teams I've had the pleasure to work with. I felt that they genuinely cared about my job search and were available during all my ups and downs. The process was very involved and detailed, but because of that, my resulting documentation was spot on. I had worked with Resume Writing firms in the past and I needed to do a bulk of the work. With Lisa and her team, I filled out a questionnaire, had some phone conversations, and BINGO... new resume, updated LinkedIn profile, and cover letters. But the best part... I got 1:1 coaching to help me through the entire job search process. My LinkedIn profile was so good, I saw a 70% profile view increase in the first week. I then noticed that my profile was found through LinkedIn searches had increased 110% over a three week period.

If you're conducting a job search or thinking about it... you MUST contact Lisa. Even if you just need some coaching or someone to review what you have, I can't think of anyone else to use but Chameleon Resume Service.

Kim McClanahan - Kim VA

Kimberly McClanahan
Executive Director at Valley Community Services Board

"I listened to one of the webinars and decided to invest in the program. It was a great decision… happily working again in my chosen field at the CEO level as before."

Not having been job searching for many years and certainly not in the age of social media and LinkedIn, I was somewhat overwhelmed by the prospect. I listened to one of Lisa's webinars and decided to invest in the program.
It was a great decision! Her team was amazing. I had always had vitas so had no idea how to write a resume and certainly no idea how to stand out on LinkedIn even though I had a brief profile.

The investment was worth the money. I am now happily working again in my chosen field at the CEO level as before. Great team of folks! Very caring and professional as well. Thanks to the team at Chameleon.


Don Drehoff
Strategic Alliances | Partnership and Channel Development | Enterprise Sales and Sales Management

"I was 50+ years old, forced out of my current role… at the end of the day, I was fortunate and blessed to find new role that was the good fit… due in large part to the approach help and support Chameleon provided."

You don't think you want to invest in this type of help...
but you need this type of help.

I was 50+ years old, forced out of my current role due to "right-sizing" and started to make my own preparations for the new job hunt. While I was relatively, if not naively confident that I would land something close to my liking - I concluded I still needed a career review "facelift" of sorts: resume, LinkedIn, how interview, how to better engage my network, etc.

Lisa and the team at Chameleon not only provided me with what I wanted... but what I needed, too.
They improved my resume to make it more relevant and impactful. They revamped my LinkedIn profile to make it more unique and meaningful. They trained me on how to better interview. They challenged my on how to sincerely engage and serve my professional network.

More than anything, their wisdom oozed out in every single session and engagement we completed. And it was not just their professional expertise - but an empathy and encouragement from their own "been there and done that" experiences. For me, that established credibility in their approach and confidence in the path they suggested.

Yes, at the end of the day, I was fortunate and blessed to find a new role that was a good fit. And that eventual success was due in large part to the approach, help and support Chameleon provided. Thanks for the facelift,
Lisa and team, again!


About Lisa

Lisa Rangel and The Chameleon Team are the only executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and job landing consultancy who has been hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes. Our 4-Stage META Job Landing System stems from decades of corporate and executive recruiting experience to position you to land your next 6 or 7-figure role faster.