Chameleon Resumes – Frequently Asked Questions – Resume & Job Search

Who Are We?

Q: What is Chameleon Resumes?

A: Chameleon Resumes is a boutique resume writing and job search consultancy that provides executives and rising professionals with branded documents, proven job search tactics and sound storytelling tools to land their next position to advance their career. Led by Managing Director, Lisa Rangel, we work with our clients directly to have the best resume, LinkedIn profile, career communications, job search tactics and interview preparation practices to rise to the top choice position by hiring managers.

Q: When did you start Chameleon Resumes? 

A: Chameleon Resumes was founded in 2009 by Lisa Rangel, after a 13 year career in search firm recruiting for boutique and large corporate recruiting firms. We found that job candidates needed more and more help as outlets for solid quality assistance were shrinking.

Q: What sets you apart from other resume writing services?

A: While there are plenty of fabulous writers out there (many of whom we consider my colleagues), Lisa Rangel has a unique set of qualifications and experience that most resume writers and interview coaches do not have:

  • Was a recruiter for 13 years through 2010, so I know the current tactics used by hiring managers and search firm recruiters in selecting and interviewing candidates from firsthand experience.
  • Have trained hundreds of recruiters on interviewing protocols and share my recruiter perspective with my clients in preparing them for interviews and when writing their resumes.
  • Hired by LinkedIn to moderate and offer job search and interviewing advice to members of their Job Seeker Premium Membership.
  • Experienced with many Applicant Tracking Systems from first-hand recruiting experience and can help clients maneuver successfully within them to obtain interviews from their resume submissions.
  • Certified as aProfessional in Human Resources (PHR) since 2007, which requires 60 hours of current HR laws and practices training per each renewal period.
  • Possess six other career/interview certifications that enable us to be the most current and best resource for our clients:
    • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
    • Certified Employment Interview Consultant (CEIC)
    • Online Professional Networking Strategist (OPNS)
    • Microblogging Career Strategist (MCS)
    • Social Networking Career Strategist (SNCS)
    • Certified Job Search Strategist (CJSS)

Q: What is your philosophy on resumes and  LinkedIn profiles? 

A: We believe the job of a well written, visually-engaging resume or LinkedIn profile is to capture the achievements, essence and assets of the person in order to land the interview for the job applicant. Plain and simple. The resume and LinkedIn profile are not to do the interviewing for the person, they are simply there to engage the hiring manager and motivate them to make the call for setting up the interview with the applicant. Anything more than that can compromise the effectiveness of the resume or social media profile. 

Why Chameleon Resumes?

Q: Why should I use a professional executive resume writing service? How can Chameleon Resumes help me? 

A: Your resume is your first impression with potential hiring managers and recruiters—it is the key to landing that coveted interview. When you’re thinking about writing your resume you should ask yourself:

Do I have the (1) knowledge, (2) desire and/or (3) time to write my own resume or LinkedIn profile? If you do, go for it. If you don’t, look into an executive resume writing service, like us.

Chameleon Resumes gives you a professional, action-driven resume that will set you apart in this recovering market. Many candidates are unsure how to “sell” themselves. We help to zero in on your special skills and notable accomplishments and help showcase what a prospective employer will want from your background to make their next hire. Just take a look at our resume samples.

Chameleon Resumes also offers much more than resume writing alone—we give you interview coaching, networking strategies, LinkedIn profile writing, cover letter and job search communications, social media optimization, and salary negotiations. All of these things are essential to successfully capitalize on the job search market. When you use Chameleon Resumes, you can have the confidence that you have a team of job search experts guiding you toward success. 

Q: How will an expert-written resume help me land a new job? 

A: The resume you have had since college and been building on since then will not cut it these days in today’s competitive marketplace. You need a marketing document online and on paper. We give you an expert resume that will professionally brand you to your target companies and set you apart from the competition. We help you see yourself as a product and work toward the most marketable resume that will make you stand out.

HERE IS A TEST FOR YOU: Compare your current resume to our resume samples, even if it is not the same position/title. Assume your competitor has a resume that looks like one of the samples. If a hiring manager was comparing your current resume to your competitor’s Chameleon Resumes-written resume, how does your resume measure up? Who would they choose for an interview? Based on that answer, you can decide if you think you should give us a call.

An expert resume written by an executive resume writer will help you with the professional presentation you need to land interviews and convey higher skill worth. However, having a professionally written resume is not the magic elixir for landing a job. Combined with a new resume, a job seeker will need the most current job search tactics, social media strategies, interview preparation and salary negotiation practices at hand to optimize success from their job search. Chameleon Resumes can do all of this for you! To view our packages and discover which one will best cater your current needs, visit our Resume Writing and Job Search Services page.

Q: Do you guarantee that your executive resume will get me a new position? 

A: The clients of Chameleon Resumes have an excellent record of landing positions and advancing careers. However, we offer no guarantees to our clients of landing a job or promotion with so many components going into who receives a job offer (i.e. a company decides to promote from within, the company loses funding for the role, they decide to hire their nephew who just graduated from Cornell University, etc.)

For all services purchased, it is imperative for you, the client, to know that it is a collaborative process between us. In making this investment, you agree to perform the suggested activities and required follow-up to advance your job search and to improve your results. The client acknowledges and understands while Chameleon Resumes is very committed to our client’s success and builds its business on word-of-mouth referrals, we cannot guarantee success—no career professional should or can. What we can guarantee you is an expert resume that will set you apart and give you an edge on the competition.

Q: I have outplacement services from my company—do I need your services if I have been given executive outplacement by my firm? 

A: Outplacement services, while a generous offering by your current company, are often utilized when the company is laying off a large number of employees. This means the outplacement firm delivers uniform job search and resume guidance to the group with little opportunity for customization to the individual candidate. At Chameleon Resumes, we offer the customized job search guidance and document creation that caters to your specific needs through extensive one-on-one coaching and communications over a period of weeks. We hone in on your strengths and ultimately come up with the most competitive resume that will set you apart in this competitive market. In addition to professional resume and profile creation, we offer interview coaching services, job search planning, strategic networking teachings, salary negotiations, social media guidance and marketing communications development. For more detailed information on our services, please visit our Resume Writing & Job Search page.

Q: Why should I do a mailing to executive recruiters or venture capitalist/private equity contacts? 

A: We provide Resume Distribution services to executive recruiters and/or venture capital/private equity contacts based on selection criteria you outline for us. This is an exclusive service offered an at additional investment for the clients for whom it is best suited. This option is not the right option for everyone, but an excellent opportunity for executive level clients who want their resume to be delivered to the right hands who can advance their job search. Let Chameleon Resumes know if this is an option you would like to explore. 

Our Focus and Clientele

Q: Do you specialize in certain industries or functional areas? 

A: Chameleon Resumes specializes in all industries and functional areas, and draws from the hiring and recruiting experience areas our team brings. We have hiring, recruiting and career management expertise in a broad array of industries. I specifically have 17 years of experience as a professional recruiter, recruitment team director, interview coach and compensation package negotiator in multiple verticals and for all levels of talent.

We write resumes and perform job search consulting services for corporate industries and the corresponding C-level, executive, senior and professional level positions in those corporate roles. We do not create resumes and perform job search coaching for Military-to-Civilian clients, government clients applying to federal or state-level positions, academia professionals or staff -level tech professionals. For those types of roles, we will refer you to the right specialist. Just ask! 

Q: What types of clients do you serve? 

A: We are equipped to work with candidates from multiple backgrounds and verticals, and our highly qualified experts in resume writing hone in on the specific and unique skills that highlight you in the most marketable light. We are typically hired by established executives and up-and-coming professionals who find themselves in the top of their fields.

The breakdown of our client base is based on a recent analysis as follows:  75%- Executive, 19%- Professional/Staff-Level, 6%- Entry-Level Clients.

And while our main focus is the Executive Resume and Job Search, our executive level clients have asked us to service their spouses, children, family, friends, staff and co-workers. We have responded with service offerings to cater to our client network at all levels.

Q: I am not an executive. Can I still work with you? 

A: We are experienced and qualified to provide successful personalized resumes in a variety of industries for all levels of aspiring professionals, up-and-coming professionals and established C-Level Executives. Review our Entry-Level, Professional-Level and Executive-Level services here.

Q: What is Chameleon Resumes success rates with their clients? 

A: There is no better way to learn about a resume writer’s results than by word of mouth from previous clients. You can view testimonials on our website or on my LinkedIn. Below are just a few:

“Within one month of working with Lisa, I achieved my goal; however, her helpfulness and feedback with my professional career didn’t end. She has continued to provide ongoing career guidance, which is just as valuable as the initial guidance she provided from Day 1” – Ben W.

“Lisa has the remarkable ability to take all of your skill sets and position them on your resume in a powerful way. After working with Lisa your prospective employer will see your strengths jump right off your CV and set you apart from the crowd.” – Kim C. 

Our Team

Q: Tell me about the Chameleon Resumes Team. Who will be writing my resume? 

A: Chameleon Resumes employs a team of experienced and trained executive resume writers, as we believe a collaboration of brains and expertise produces a better resume than just one brain. I collaborate with a hand-selected team of certified professional and executive resume writers, recruiting researchers and career coaches to produce the documents and execute the job search services. You will always be in the best hands and I approve each document and aspect of the process.

Q: What are your credentials and your team’s qualifications? 

A: Our collaborative team consists of me and a group of certified resume writers, researchers and coaches that includes fellow former recruiters, masters of their resume craft or highly credentialed coaches. Most of the Chameleon Resumes staff has worked in recruiting and hiring, or has partnered directly with hiring managers to have firsthand experience on how the hiring process works. They have strong experience in developing strategic, action-driven resumes for professionals on all levels that have garnered successful results. 


Q: What is the cost if I decide to have my resume done? 

A: Our prices vary depending on which package is best suited to your background and particular needs. In addition, each package offers multiple services, as well as à la carte options. The best way to get a full overview of our current services and pricing is to visit our Resume Writing & Job Search Services Page.

Q: How much does a resume package cost? 

A: The investment levels vary based on the services each client requires. We bundle our tiered services to include Resume & Document Creation, Job Search Consulting and Interview Preparation/Coaching, and we offer à la carte pricing as well. Each service is offered for the Executive, Professional and Entry-Level professional ending with a corresponding investment. Service fees range from $800 to $3500, generally speaking. For specific information pertaining to your experience and skill level, visit our Resume Writing & Job Search Services Page.

Q: What are the accepted forms of payment? 

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal payments.

Q: Do you offer payment plans? 

A: Our clients can choose the ‘Bill Me Later” option via PayPal, which allows you to make payments through that service while Chameleon Resumes still receives their payment in full. Chameleon Resumes also accepts all major credit cards, allowing our clients to finance their purchase using these payment options. We do not offer direct financing at this time.

Q: Your fees seem higher than some other writers I have reviewed. Why is that? 

A: You, our client, are the biggest priority at Chameleon Resumes and it is our goal to provide you with professional service of the highest quality. In order to help you become the best-equipped job seeker in this competitive landscape, we ensure that our team is up-to-date on certifications, trainings, and the know-how of today’s job market. To amass the level of expertise we require for our staff takes time and money, so that is where the fee structure comes from. Other writers/coaches who may not have this level of expertise are able to maintain a business model that allows them to charge less.

Q: I see the value in your services, but I am simply on a budget that prevents me from making that level investment. Do you have any “Do It Yourself” products? 

A: At Chameleon Resumes we respect the fact that many current job seekers are working on a tight budget. Since we’d like to be able to help our clients in any way we can, we offer advice here to give you some simple “do it yourself” techniques to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

On a personal level, I respect anyone who lives within their means in this economy. That is why I wrote the Interview Confidently eBook, the Interview Confidently webinar and free blog articles on my website, for you to take the information and apply it to your own situation in a self-directed capacity.

And if you ever find that you need specific guidance for your unique expertise, you can hire Chameleon Resumes to learn about your situation and guide you to presenting yourself most effectively. 

Our Process

Q: How do I get started with the complete executive resume writing process? 

A: It’s simple! Once you’ve visited our services page and identified which package best suits the needs of your current job search, simply schedule a call with me and upload your resume.

Q: What if I need more assistance than just writing my executive resume? 

A: The benefit of working with Chameleon Resumes is that we offer multiple job search services. Our packages include customized cover letter writing, interview coaching, job search planning, thank you notes, LinkedIn profile optimization and social media networks utilization. Visit our Resume Writing & Job Search Services page to get a full idea of what we provide and then schedule a call with me to determine what service is best for you. 

Q: How do I know which package to choose? 

A: Chameleon Resume offers packages through three different levels: Executive, Professional and Entry-Level. Take a look below for the descriptions of each, and then schedule a call to discuss which package will provide you the most value.

You will benefit from our Executive Resume and Job Search Services if you are a Senior Vice President, Director, Managing Director, Vice-President, or C-Level Executive needing comprehensive services to showcase achievements that demonstrate your leadership, strategic planning, tactical implementation and talent productivity skills. These services may also interest you if you are an up-and-coming leader in the technology, scientific and medical sciences field with 12+ years’ experience, and you are looking to design your personal marketing documents and job search plans.
Click here to review our Executive Resume and Job Search Service Fees

These Professional Resume and Job Search Services are for the Manager, Supervisor, Associate, Specialist and Coordinator Professional who are seeking personalized, expert services to draw out their accomplishments on paper, online, and in their job search communications and interview presentations. These services are best for:

1. Individuals on the rise with 2-12 years work experience.

2. Non-managerial, staff-level professionals with over 12+ years experience who have found themselves being the go-to- person in their department throughout their career.

Click here to review our Professional Resume and Job Search Service Fees

Just graduated school within the past year? Have only one year of work experience to account for on your resume, outside of summer jobs and internships? You will want to check out our Entry-Level (College Graduate) Resume and Job Search Services, where we provide you the most focused advice and branded documents to not only help land your next job, but award you the best salary your skills warrant.
Click here to review our Entry-level (College Graduate) Resume and Job Search Service Fees

Q: What are the next steps, once I purchase a resume and/or job search package? 

A: Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email confirming your order with us. Within 24 hours we send you the materials you need to get started. Our collaborative document development process gathers information from you to synthesize which of your achievements should be showcased and how to do so effectively. After only 7-10 business days, your first draft is presented and we schedule time to edit the document together. Your job search services and interview preparation services will commence once the resume is finalized. 

Q: Is communication with Chameleon Resumes strictly via e-mail or does some of it take place over the phone? Can we meet in person? 

A: Communication involves a combination of phone and email. Chameleon Resumes works with executives and professionals across the nation and the globe, and is fully equipped to deliver top service in a virtual capacity. In-person visits, while not always available, are conducted for an additional in-person meeting fee and can be discussed at the time of investment. Phone consultations and email consultations are all included with the service investment. 

Q: What is the turnaround time for a professional/executive resume? 

A: Turnaround time for the resume and other related documents is typically 3-4 weeks from start-to-finish. Our goal at Chameleon Resumes is to provide you with a product you feel good about and are proud of, so we provide a first, second and third draft of your resume. We’ll work together on your goals so that after 3-4 weeks of collaboration, we have mutually agreed on a final draft.

Job Search coaching and interview preparation are three week processes as well. Services can happen concurrently or in succession, depending on what is best for the client.

All of the fees for resume packages and à la carte resume documents can be found here. 

Q: There’s a job I want to apply to right away. Can Chameleon Resumes get me my resume in time? 

A: A “rush” service is available when you need it and has a document turnaround of 3-5 business days versus the usual 3-4 weeks. The “rush” service fee is 50% of the resume/profile/document service, added to the standard fee. Coaching services include six calls over a 60 day period for you to learn essential job search and interview preparation skills.

Q: Do you create one page or two page resumes? 

A: Most of our clients’ resumes are two page documents, but the length is determined for each client individually, based on their experience, job targets and credentials. In certain industries, such as pharmaceutical or healthcare industries, it can be very acceptable to have a 5-10+ page resume, while in new media fields, 1-2 pages for most professionals is perfectly acceptable, and even preferred. The length determination is one of the many strategic decisions we make throughout the resume development process.

Q: Can I see a sample of the resumes you write? 

A: Absolutely! Click here to view our sample resumes and get an idea of the writing, style and versatility we offer.

Q: What format/software will my resume be done in? 

A: Your resume will be done in Microsoft Word format. The reason for this is that most companies are utilizing Microsoft Word within their Applicant Tracking Systems. It is the most popular and “readable” format, so that when you submit your resume it will appear to the hiring manager the same way we coordinated the final draft.

Q: I have a broad range of skills and interests. Ideally, I want to pursue a couple different career paths to see which is the best path for me. Can one resume do this for me? 

A: It is not only possible, but it is very probable that one resume will do this for you. The key is that your resume be designed to customize the summary section without having to write the whole document from scratch—giving your resume a different feel for every new use. This is the type of document writing we do at Chameleon Resumes. It is a rare occasion that someone will need two distinct resumes, but if it is needed, we will make that determination together.

Q: How can I get changes or correction edits done on my resume? 

A: All changes and corrections occur as a collaborative process during the edit phase. Most clients take 1-2 editing sessions to finalize the document. Occasionally we nail the message on the first shot, requiring no additional edits. Less frequently it takes 3-4 editing sessions via email and phone to finalize the document. Regardless of how many edits it may take, we will work with you until you are happy.

Once the documents are finalized, additional revisions could incur a surcharge. All services are considered complete and satisfactory six months from the date of purchase.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with my resume? 

A: At Chameleon Resumes, we work with you each step of the way via email and scheduled appointment calls (informational interview calls, coaching calls or follow-up edit calls). This is a collaborative process where we work together, ensuring that you will be satisfied with the end result. 

Customer Service

Q: What are your customer service hours? 

A: We can be reached during our call hours from 8:30amET to 2:30pmET at (917) 447-1815. All calls will be returned within 24-48 business hours, if not much sooner.

Emails can be sent to and are always returned as soon as possible, based on urgency level.

If you have invested our services, we will reach out to you for a follow-up within 24 hours. 


Q: Is my privacy and confidentiality assured? 

A: Your privacy and confidentiality are 100% guaranteed. We are in the business of helping people, not putting them in bad situations. We will never knowingly jeopardize your current employment, but you understand that conducting a job search comes with an inherent risk. We will never sell any of your information.