Forbes Top 100 Career Website: Chameleon Resumes

We are thrilled to announce that Lisa Rangel's website, Chameleon Resumes, was named a Forbes Top 100 Career Website for its resume, job search and career advancement expert information that help executive and professional job seekers land their next position faster. We were humbled and honored to be elected to this prestigious list and truly appreciative of the over 300+ nominations we received by your clients, partners, team members and readers. (How do we know it was over 300? We tracked all of the emails of our clients / readers telling us they nominated us! Check out some below.....You are all truly amazing!) Here is the Forbes Top 100 Career Website article, where Chameleon Resumes is listed on the Forbes website: And here are some of the nominations we received. The comments from these nominations truly mean the world to us...Thank you to each and every one of you who read our website, find our information helpful and take the valued moment to tell us about your success and how we can always make it better....much thanks to you all.   Forbes 21 recommendation Forbes 9 recommendation Forbes 20 recommendation Forbes Top Career Website 11 recommendation Forbes 2 recommendation Forbes Top Career Website 10 recommendation Forbes Top Career Website 12 recommendation Forbes 23 recommendation Forbes 3 recommendation Forbes 4 Recommendation Forbes 5 recommendation Forbes 6 recommendation Forbes 13 recommendation Top Career Websites Forbes 1 recommendation Forbes 22 recommendation Forbes 24 recommendation Forbes 7 Recommendation Forbes 8 Recommendation Forbes 9 recommendation Forbes Top Career Website 14 recommendation Forbes Top Career Website 15 recommendations Forbes 16 recommendation Forbes 18 recommendation Forbes 19 recommnedation

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