Generating Job Search Results Through Radical Changes

Generating Job Search Results Through Radical Changes

On an intellectual level, we know that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insane, to paraphrase Einstein.

Yet, I still see intelligent, accomplished job seekers still doing the same mind-numbing activities that bring them no results, in hopes of it working this time.

I can picture it right now.

Sitting at a computer... opening an email notification to see a job posting that seems like it’s a fit. Or worse, searching endlessly for the right job posting, "Here is one that I am perfect for!" the executive job seeker says to himself.

So you apply...

They will see you are perfect for the job... yeah, I know.

Over the next few hours... next few days... nothing happens.

No call....

The rejection from not getting a call from a job posting isn't direct... it's an ignoring, slow-reaching silence.

But then again... it may work.

This one time.

They may call.

This one time. It may work.

But it doesn't....

Yet herein lies the insanity...

You do it again. And again. And again...

I mean, it would be so easy and cool if they called from just submitting a document online, right?

This elusive hope of it working easily, without the hard work of networking or ego-humbling activities of proactively reaching out to new contacts, keeps intelligent executives and professionals in front in that computer submitting to job postings.

Trying it again.

This one last time.

Like a shopaholic thinking this last purchase will fix the problem.

Like an alcoholic saying this will be the last drink.

Like a food addict hoping they can have one last potato chip and feel satiated... this one time. (and there goes the bag)...

This has become the new definition of job search insanity.

We all look for the easy fix.

We are all human...

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Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

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