How You Handle a Crisis Tells Employers a Lot


How You Handle a Crisis Tells Employers a Lot

The IMF (International Monetary Fund), recently wrote on their blog: “While quarantining and social distancing is the right prescription to combat COVID-19’s public health impact, the exact opposite is needed when it comes to securing the global economy. Constant contact and close coordination are the best medicine to ensure that the economic pain inflicted by the virus is relatively short-lived.”

See, even the IMF is telling us to stay in communication even if we can’t physically see each other.

How you react in this pandemic situation can tell a potential employer a lot about you and your mindset to keep business going safely despite the extreme conditions we are all experiencing.

Here is a gut check:

Are you complaining about our collective situation on social media? (And assuming no one can see it due to your privacy settings?)

Have you assumed no one wants to hear from you because of all of the hardship we are seeing?

Do you think you are bugging people if you ask for a networking chat or that you’re greedy if you ask for a job search introduction?

If you answered in your head “yes” to any of these, you might be part of the problem and not the solution.

And if you are putting any of this out in public, an employer may assume you will do it within the company if you are hired... so they don’t move forward with you.

Companies don’t need anymore “Negative Nellies” around the virtual water cooler. They already have enough of those.

And I’m not just talking about the regular complainers who may be in overdrive with the current state of affairs... I’m also referring to those who are justifiable scared, but acting irrational publicly.

Yes, those people, too.

I’m not saying people shouldn’t vent. But do it rationally.

Look, we are all scared. Every last one of us are scared, nervous, anxious, etc., in some way.

And we should constructively express our feelings and console each other.

But public, irrational expressions during a crisis tell potential employers that you may act the same way when leading their teams.

We don’t need any more panickers.

We need pioneers, who have tapped new sources of courage, to lead us through the pandemic crisis.

So let this pandemic show a potential employer how you are the RIGHT one to choose for their team.

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Let’s do this together and CHOOSE to be part of the solution.


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