How You Should Never Start Your Executive Resume

Your Executive Resume

How You Should Never Start Your Executive Resume

A common mistake senior-level job seekers make is they focus too much on their seniority.

Resumes and profiles will begin like this:

“Seasoned executive…”

“Over 25 years of experience…”

And then the job seeker will be pissed off that the employer is using age against them (or so the job seeker thinks).

“Stop leading with the chin” is my reply to those senior-level job seekers using this dated, ineffective tactic…

Nobody cares how much experience you have.

People care about the value you bring.

What will you do for them if they hire you? (Other than be an expensive salary… because you are a seasoned executive with over 25 years of experience).

What results have you had before that you can replicate inside their company?

Given all those years of experience, how can you bring transformation?

Don’t be afraid to spotlight your value!

Instead of focusing on how many years of experience you have, focus on the value, you will bring, if you are hired.

What’s the prospective employer’s potential ROI in hiring you for your above-average salary requests? How are you going to make it worth their while to bring you on?

THAT’S what you need to focus on.

For example, if I told you I had 24 years in the recruiting/career industry, you will probably yawn and think that you do not care.

But if I tell you that we had just about 5 dozen clients land offers during the pandemic, you aren’t going to care if I have been in the recruiting/careers industry for 25 days or 25 months or 25 years. If I can bring about the results you are looking for, you aren’t going to care how long I have been doing it, in many cases.

And guess what?

This is how you conquer ageism.

Focus on your value and not the number of years you have amassed.

Stop leading career conversations with the number of decades you’ve been in the biz.

Now, I have literally written a book on how to beat ageism and get hired.

Yep, if you are over 40, this is your “get out of ageism-jail free card”. This book will totally flip your perspective on mature hiring and turn your executive resume around so you lead with ROI instead of your worn-out phrases and aged resume.

With this eBook, you will find out how to:

  • Develop a specific list of employers who will want to hire you based on your abilities – imagine that! Yes, you can get hired based on your record of results and not rest solely on your years of experience (which is code for your age).
  • Write your own eye-catching executive resume and compelling LinkedIn profile that highlights your achievements so prospective employers are focused on your accolades (not your age).
  • Shine as the person to hire during an interview using storytelling tactics that keep hiring managers enthralled when chatting with you—making your competitors seem lackluster by comparison.

To grab your copy, click here.

Be Well,


Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

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