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Hi, I'm Lisa Rangel, Executive resume writer and founder of Chameleon Resumes.

We know that the perfect 6-figure career won't be handed to us on a silver platter — and they're definitely not listed on any job boards. That's why my team and I have helped hundreds of people just like you get the 6-figure position they deserve.

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For the overwhelming majority of our clients it’s been a long, long time since they’ve had to interview for a job.

In many ways an interview is part sale, part performance. You have a limited amount of time to leave a lasting, positive impression on people whose job it is to critically evaluate you against other qualified candidates.

The interview exists so your potential employer has an opportunity to reconcile how you present yourself on paper with who you “really” are.

Expect that they’ll be observing you - your demeanor and your communication and interpersonal skills. Do you project the aura of a take charge leader or are you paralyzed by a lack of preparedness and unable to answer critical questions?

A competent hiring manager knows how to identify and evaluate your weaknesses. Do you chafe under authority? Are you bad with deadlines or uncomfortable with dissenting opinions and viewpoints? They know where to look and what questions to ask.

Learn How To Present Your Strengths

Your resume tells your professional history – but it’s just a collection of dates and achievements. It’s up to you to create a narrative – a personal history that culminates with you being in that exact room at that exact moment with exactly the skillset and attitude that your prospective employer is so desperately seeking.

Can you tell that story? Would you be to talk about yourself like that given the opportunity?

Make no mistake, interviewing is very much a skill, and like any skill getting good requires practice.

Lots of practice.

But how do you practice flexing your critical thinking skills or your thinking-on-your-feet skills? How do you practice projecting confidence, affability and authority?

Knowing how to effortlessly address the out-of-the-box questions you can expect will be coming isn’t something you can learn from a couple of blog posts or a company profile.

What you need is an expert who can give you perspective, feedback and advice - someone who understands, in depth, the ways in which various industries identify, vet and select potential talent. More than that you need a repeatable process that you can learn and utilize for each one of your interviews going forward.

We've developed just such an integrative approach we're calling our Interview Mastery System

You’ll work with one of our career coaches (each one is a former recruiter with years of experience across a multitude of industries) to develop a personalized, repeatable process that you can use over and over again to prepare for interviews, land job offers and negotiate the highest compensation possible.

  • 1. Review and Optimize - Your coach will start with a thorough review of your recent job search activities, as well as your resume and target job descriptions. This will form the basis for your personalized Interview Mastery System.
  • 2. Strengths and Gaps Analysis – Learn how to talk about your strengths and how to emphasize them during your interview. Identify your weaknesses, and develop the answers to address concerns and portray you and your work history in the best possible light.
  • 3. Develop Your Story – You and your coach will work together to transform your static work history into an effective elevator pitch - one that encapsulates and illuminates your skills and achievements across the various positions you’ve held. We’ll weave your work experiences into stories that give you the “proof” you need to back up your professionally written documents.
  • 4. Interview Question Prep – We’ll prepare you for the common and not-so-common interview questions across a variety of potential topics including: Resolving Conflict, Management Style, Interpersonal Style, Leadership, Project Management, Delegation, Diplomacy, Cross Functional Expertise, etc.
  • 5. Compensation Negotiation – Your coach with work with you to anticipate and field compensation questions. You’ll be armed with the research and tactics you need to lead the conversation and negotiate from a place of strength.
  • 6. Exit Strategy – Prepare your exit questions for the interview to clearly define the next steps in the hiring process. Never leave an interview again without knowing how and when to follow-up.
  • 7. Follow-Up - Learn techniques that keep you in the running and on the minds of the people doing the hiring. We will show you how to stay in the decision-making loop and how to reinforce your strengths and career achievements.

Plus, for this special offer, I’m adding this special bonus that will make building your job search easier.

Interview Confidently eBook and Recorded Webinar

In this eBook and recorded webinar, Resume and Job Search expert, Lisa Rangel of Chameleon Resumes, will give you concrete advice on the following topics:

  • What to do to prepare before the interview – learn specifically what you need to know about the company, interviewer and position.
  • How to anticipate potential interview questions based on your resume and how to successfully answer them.
  • Preparing questions to ask the interviewer – asking the right questions can position you as a being a thoughtful, critical thinker and an expert in your field.
  • What to wear, bring and how to impress the first time around.
  • And much more...

Invest in yourself to learn how to conduct yourself confidently on interviews to land your next role on your terms!!

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