Interview Questions You Hope They Don’t Ask

Interview Questions You Hope They Don’t Ask

They always ask the interview questions you really hope they don’t ask.


No matter how much you pray, do juju voodoo dances, or stay focused on the positive…

The hiring manager ALWAYS asks the interview questions you don’t want them to ask.

—How much are you making now (it’s not illegal in every US state—just a handful).

—Why are you looking to leave (or already left) your most recent employer?

—Tell me about a situation at work where you failed and it did not remotely go as planned.

—What would your boss say about you?

These are just some of the questions that get ChamTribers in a twist.

Understandably so!

How do you answer, where you are not lying, but you are not coming across as Negative Nelly or bad mouthing your prior boss?

I mean, what do you do when….

(1) You are making much less than you should be making, because your boss doesn’t value what you do and you are embarrassed you didn’t get a raise last year.

(2) You want to leave your job since it is a toxic cesspool that doesn’t value its clients nor its employees, and ownership really doesn’t care about anything other than lining its own pockets. How do you say THIS diplomatically?

(3) You had a catastrophic, unintentional mistake at work eventually led to the loss of a huge revenue client—and while it wasn’t all your fault, you can’t shake the fact that some of it is… And it’s killing your confidence in interviews every time this question is asked.

(4) you know your boss won’t have anything nice to say about you and you can’t answer this with a straight face on an interview. Lordy.

What are you supposed to do?

Well, hoping the hiring manager does my ask these questions is not a good strategy.

The anxiety from hoping they don’t ask these confidence-plummeting questions breeds under your skin and does eventually seep out of your pores. This makes you subconsciously come across fidgety and nervous.

You look like you are hiding something. Because, in all honesty, you are hiding something.

You don’t want them to know the truth…

It’s affecting your interview performance.

There is only one way to tackle this successfully.

Don’t hope they don’t ask—do the opposite.

Expect they will ask and BE PREPARED.

Be so ready for these dreaded questions that when they ask (and they always ask), you will reply with, “Great question. I am so glad you asked…” and then answer with confidence.

Yep, can’t hope it away…

You gotta be ready.

Want to know how you can be ready for these questions?

It’s all in my Interview Prep eManual and Video Training ($47):

  • Powerfully prepare for every question you hope they don’t ask.
  • Make each of these questions a way to set yourself ahead of the competition—if everyone hesitates on these questions and you don’t, you will be the most obviously confident choice!
  • Never cower again in an interview because of tough questions. You got it with our Interview Prep Bundle:


Let’s do this.


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

Chameleon Resumes


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