Job Landing Magic: Get Hired During the Holidays

find job landing magic by getting hired during the holidays

Job Landing Magic: Get Hired During the Holidays

A good friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had perfect sweatshirt weather at the beach recently.

Going to the NJ shore during the off-season is truly one of my favorite times during the year. The beach isn’t flooded with summer beachgoers trying to take advantage of the summer sun (even if safely 6-feet apart). Instead, it is sprinkled with just a few people who love the beach all year round and not just at the height of the season (even more than 6-feet apart... my favorite!). These are serious beach-lovers... not the seasonal sort.

Picturing this tranquil beach sparsely populated by bundled-up beachgoers with the chill in the air, somehow led me to think of recruiter’s email inboxes. 

It made me think of the fact that, just like off-season beachgoers, successful job seekers also go where the majority does not. 

(Really. It did make me think of this. I know I need to get out more… but that is another post on a much different type of blog.)

Think about it:

Would you want your resume to be 1 of 50 resumes in an inbox or 1 in 2000 resumes captured by an ATS resume database? 

Clearly, no guarantees either way, but the odds of the former are clearly preferred.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your resume wrapped in the proverbial warm sweatshirt of an uncrowded, sandy inbox instead of amongst the herd of safely-distanced summer sun worshippers who fight for parking spots to get on the boardwalk at the same time?

Savvy job seekers experience job landing magic by avoiding the herd, getting positive results, and experiencing qualitative interactions. 

Be the person on the sparsely populated beach in the off-season with the warm sweatshirt relishing in the crisp, salty air. It is a more serene and civilized approach to enjoying the beach. 

As is keeping your resume out of a resume database and, instead, inside a recruiter's inbox.  

It is these ways of enjoying life differently, as with employing a variety of non-mainstream job search tactics, which can add dimension to life’s pleasures and improve the results of your search to find job landing magic. 

Knowing that your odds of getting hired over the winter holiday season are just as high (if not even higher) than other times of year, I have written my definitive guide on how to use the holidays to your hiring advantage. How to use the fun and covid-friendly festivities to deepen your job landing connections.

All these ideas and more are in my seasonally focused e-guide, “Get Hired During The Holidays”. 

With this purchase, you will also get an invaluable bonus that will show you the mindset behind the job landing magic. After all, I can teach you all my job landing strategies all day long, but if your mind is not set up for success you won’t get ahead. By adding this bonus to this e-guide, I am arming you with everything you need…

...inside and out… find job landing magic this holiday season. 

Here is the link to buy.

Be well,


Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services

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