Job Seekers: Be What They Need, Then Play Hard to Get

job seekers

Too many job seekers are contorting themselves into a pretzel to desperately please a hiring manager – longingly hoping to be hired.

This suck-up-please-approve-me notion is even worse with experienced job seekers.

Nothing more nauseating than an experienced person groveling for love from an employer who doesn’t appreciate what they offer.

When you seek approval, you seem needy.

That’s not the way to get love from an employer.

When was the last time you wanted to be with a needy person?

Yeah. Ew… Employers don’t want to hire needy people.

So cut the crap.

You have skills.

You have achievements.

You have much to offer.

Stop brown-nosing hiring managers and putting yourself in this subservient-needing-approval stance by displaying everything you have ever done to prove your worthiness of job love.

The opposite actually works.

Less is more.

Think of it this way… Last time you were on a date were you attracted to the person who insecurely pontificated about how awesome they were?


…To the person who confidently left a bit mystery with the one or two intriguing accomplishments dropped casually during your chat?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Insecure pontification doesn’t win the game.

Stop this need to over-prove yourself.

You are equal.

Successful job seeking is a quest of two parties seeking out equal partners to collaborate to get a function completed.

Frustrated job seeking is a failed mission of incessantly laying on how much you have done to an unsuspecting listener who eventually can’t sort out what achievement is relevant to them (and is creeped out by your desperate need to prove your value).

Attitude matters more than the right resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and job application approach.

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Let’s do this!

Be well…


Lisa Rangel – Executive Resume Writing Services

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