If you are not getting responses from recruiters, not hearing back from job applications, and haven’t had a suitable offer since you started job searching...it’s likely you are committing one of six job deadly job search mistakes.

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"6 Deadly Job Search Mistakes
Preventing You From Landing a Job"

Learn solutions for common mistakes holding back your job search.

Hosted by Lisa Rangel, Managing Partner at Chameleon Resumes, LLC 

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The #1 mistake job seekers make that repels recruiters and halts hiring managers in their path.

Why ageism isn’t really your problem and how to develop an age-proof job search approach.

Why your resume isn’t commanding the right job and how to stop getting callbacks for jobs below your experience level.

How to create resumes the ATS will love and that stand out to hiring managers.

Where 70% of good jobs are hiding and how to tap into this network effectively.

How to land incredible jobs that haven’t ever been posted publicly.

The exact LinkedIn activities you should be doing each week to turn this platform into an effective job landing tool.

The best way to reach out to people without seeming overly pushy or aggressive.

How to outsell your competitors using a too-simple-to-be-true tactic.

And so much more...

Take corrective action to AVOID making job search mistakes FOREVER and start to see results from your job search efforts.

Learn from me, Lisa Rangel, the founder of the Chameleon Resumes who has been cited in over 100 publications as a job search expert, identified as a go-to resume resource by recruiters, and hired by LinkedIn for 8 years as a job landing resource using LinkedIn.

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