LinkedIn Advice: How To Differentiate Between Right & Wrong


I am sure you have seen the following claims by LinkedIn profile writers and job search coaches during the last few weeks.

The advice covers the spectrum of absurdity:

"You can land a job in 90 days."

"Don't hire a LinkedIn profile writer - you can write your own profile."

"Hire a LinkedIn profile writer to land interviews - don't leave it to chance."

"Make sure you have the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile so recruiters can find you."

"The right LinkedIn profile will land you interviews."

I can go on and on...

I'm here to tell you this advice is right. But it is also wrong.

And it really turns my stomach.

The advice itself doesn't make me sick.

What makes me ill is job seekers believe it absolutely and blindly.

And these LinkedIn profile writers and career coaches know job seekers will believe it so they keep spewing it.

Smart, educated, accomplished people who never had a problem finding a job, who now find themselves having a problem finding a job, want to earnestly believe that they can use X system and find a job in 90 days, or that keywords will save the day, or that they have to hire/not hire someone to get an offer.

And the bottom line is everyone is different.

Every solution works, and every solution doesn't work.

Some people can do it themselves.

Some people need a little bit of help.

Some people need a lot of help.

That's the reality in every aspect of life - not just searching for a job.

Everyone's situation is different.

What works for some people, may not work for others.

What makes me sick are the absolutist claims that resume writers, LinkedIn profile writers, career coaches and job search coaches make to snare you into their marketing web - but they then fail to take a minute to see if the advice they peddle REALLY works for YOUR SITUATION.


So I am holding a No-Cost-to-You LinkedIn masterclass training on Tues. 7/14 or Thurs. 7/16 at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Here is the link to reserve your spot.

  • Job seekers tell me that my free materials have increased their LinkedIn Profile views by 211%.
  • Job seekers shared with me recruiters in their field reached out when they applied what I'm going to teach in this upcoming training session.
  • Job seekers have told me they have landed jobs with my no-cost materials.

So I know it works for some... Why don’t you watch it, apply the methods I'm going to share and see if it works for you:


If you attend this session, I promise you:

  1. NO crazy claims.
  2. NO unfulfilled lofty promises.
  3. NO slimy marketing tactics.

I promise you nothing but proof it has worked for those who applied it consistently and stuck with it to increase profile views and land their next position faster.

See you on the training session…

Be well!



Lisa Rangel - Executive Resume Writing Services


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