Do You Have LinkedIn Change Resistance?


linkedin change resistance

My daughter has had a specific chore the past two years: Changing the litter in the cat box once per week.

Sounds like a crappy job (see what I did there), but it takes her 45 minutes and couple of other spot clean ups and she is done for the week.

This versus the chore my son has: finish the family laundry over the weekend.

And it takes the whole weekend.

Every weekend.

But you know, they negotiated this deal between themselves two years ago.

And they were both happy with it.

I did not intervene, even though I thought my son got the short end of the stick and my daughter walked away thinking she was the master negotiator (I will give her that credit).

Well, two years later, that deal has to change…

They are older, so they can do more chores (and they need to…I am getting tired and I have to catch up on Madam Secretary and the latest House of Cards episode!)

My son has wised up and the weekend laundry is not as interesting, now that he has bike rides to do and friends to see. “A man gets busy, you know, Mom…”

So two weeks ago we started the redefinition of chores.

Alternate the laundry weekends, add in nightly dishes, dumping of trash cans around the house, few other things…

Well, my probably-going-to-be-a lawyer/sales exec/mediator daughter is not happy with this negotiation proceeding….in the least.

“This is not how we have been doing it…We have done it all along this way and it has worked fine!” (for her, of course… 🙂 )

Enter my “Life is not fair, get over it and do the dishes” parental speech that I pulled from The “Ol’ Skool – New Ekonomy” Parenting playbook….

But here is the thing… she is 15, soon to be 16… and she does not want to change…


Adults don’t want to change either.

Adults expect that if you change your LinkedIn Profile content alone, that should bring the interview calls to them in droves.

Yeah, that worked in 2008 when there were like 45 people on LinkedIn and if you made changes to your profile the WHOLE network probably saw it (so you received a bunch of calls just from changing your profile).

But it is 2018…. there are over 500 million users now (Fortune, Apr 2017).

You need to change and do more than just be on LinkedIn to get attention.You have to do stuff on LinkedIn to get noticed in addition to having an awesome profile… It is a two part deal in today’s marketplace.

So here is where you can learn what you need to do:

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Get to it… and if you have any other ideas on chores to give my kids, I am open 🙂


Be Well,


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