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Hello, I am Lisa Rangel, Managing Director of Chameleon Resumes and Moderator of LinkedIn’s 750,000+ member Premium Career Group, and I realize there is a huge problem that most job seekers experience in not knowing how to develop an effective profile. To compound the problem, desperate job seekers accept offers for a Free LinkedIn Profile Review in hopes of fixing their profile problems.

Considering a Free LinkedIn Profile Review?

Here are 4 reasons why a Free LinkedIn Profile review does not work:

(1) It does not bring concrete results in the form of calls from the right contacts, but aims to just increase profile overall views

(2) Can be used to simply bait you for paid services offered and does not tell you how to make specific changes yourself

(3) Feedback is often the same empty feedback from a template recycled for each person and not customized to your profile’s purpose

(4) The profiles are reviewed by unsuccessful-jobseekers-turned-profile-reviewers basing their feedback from on ineffective job search and not from years of active recruiting expertise.

Has this happened to you? 

If you identify with any of these scenarios, then you will want to invest in a Custom LinkedIn Profile Review performed by my team and me, a former 13-year recruiter who recruited candidates on LinkedIn, a Certified Job Search Consultant hired by LinkedIn to moderate the Premium Career Group and write articles on how to craft effective LinkedIn Profiles and LinkedIn Profile Expert quoted by Fast Company,, BBC and over two dozen major media outlets and job search websites.

How do you know if you will benefit from our Custom LinkedIn Profile Review?

If you are currently frustrated with the lack of response and interest with your LinkedIn Profile, you will want the benefits other successful job seekers have received from our specific feedback that we include in our Custom LinkedIn Profile Review:

  • You will begin receiving calls from recruiters in your target list of companies and contacts with a well-written & complete LinkedIn Profile.
  • You will not have this pervasive, nagging feeling that you have not done everything you can to ensure your LinkedIn Profile is the best it can be.
  • You will receive expert guidance on this form of writing, to help you capture the audience you want to view your profile.
  • You will no longer be lost on what to do to write, format & maintain your LinkedIn Profile according to the most current LinkedIn trends and features.
  • You will know you constructed a great profile because our team of experienced professionals will edit and critique your work to fine tune it for public distribution and maximize the amount of quality leads generated.


When you invest in the Custom LinkedIn Profile Review, your profile will be evaluated by me (a LinkedIn Premium Group Moderator and paid contributor) and my team of LinkedIn Profile Writers, who all have former recruiting expertise. This added layer of recruiting experience and LinkedIn candidate sourcing expertise will ensure not only is your Profile grammatically correct and well-written, but will give you exact actions to take on how to make your LinkedIn Profile attractive to top recruiters. We recruited on LinkedIn — we know how candidates are found on LinkedIn!

Our Custom LinkedIn Profile Review will tell you specifically what you need to change and directions on how to make those changes in a way a free LinkedIn Profile review can’t do for you.

For a Custom LinkedIn Profile Review, our team will review:

  • First Impression upon initial profile view
  • Grammar & Spelling
  • Target Job Positioning
  • Achievements
  • Credential Formatting
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Information Organization & Layout
  • Branding Elements
  • Job Target-Profile Information Congruency
  • —and we do this all from a recruiter’s perspective.

What is the investment for the Custom LinkedIn Profile Review?

We offer the most comprehensive Custom LinkedIn Profile Review for $300. Upon making this investment and receiving your Profile via email to review.

You will receive the following within 48-72 business hours:

  • An edited version of your LinkedIn Profile in MS Word, where a former recruiter and currently certified LinkedIn Profile Writer will redline the Profile with edits and comment bubble functions offering suggestions on how to improve your content in a specific manner.
  • A bulleted Profile summary with items to change and the rationale behind it so you understand not only what is important about constructing your LinkedIn Profile, but the reasons why behind the suggestions.
  • The LinkedIn Profile Optimization eBook, which has even more instructions for you to make all the changes and rewrite the content based on the suggestions offered in the critique.


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