LinkedIn Secrets Forbes Won’t Teach You

LinkedIn Secrets Forbes Won’t Teach You

I came across on article on Forbes titled 18 Things To Take Off Your Resume And LinkedIn Profile Today To Succeed Tomorrow.’

I’ll spare you the whole list, but some of their (paraphrased) suggestions included:

  • Stick with the last ten years of work experience. I even think it’s okay to include 15-20 years… but absolutely no more than that. (Bottom line: there’s no need to go back to your high school paper route).
  • Leave off the “objectives,” as they’re only for recent graduates and those with no job experience (your resume and profile should be strong enough that anyone reading it knows immediately what job you’re looking to interview for).
  • All cliche, overused, eye-rolling bland corporate words and anachronisms need to go (and be replaced… and for the love of God, don’t call yourself “seasoned” — only fries should be seasoned).
  • While you may think your profile or resume is clever and cute, think of your reader first (use an easy to read font and format, especially when interviewing with conservative companies).
  • Don’t over-exaggerate or lie as you will almost always get caught ( it could be years later, but there will almost always be a nosy coworker or adversary who will happily seek out your embellishments and spill the beans).
If you don’t want to annoy hiring managers or waste their time, these are all great points to follow.

The rest of the list was actually quite good as well, but a glaring omission I noticed is that after telling you 18 things to remove from your profile and resume, it wasn’t clear what SHOULD be included.

Lucky for you, I’m hosting a FREE, online How to Create Your LinkedIn Profile to Generate 6-Figure Job Interviews Fastermaster class training.

Yes, we’re going to go over what you should keep off your profile… and we’re also going to cover:
  • Why your current LinkedIn profile is costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in lost income (and what you need to do to fix it).
  • 3 proven techniques to increase your profile’s visibility on LinkedIn (if you apply these three techniques your profile will stick out like a sneeze in a library).
  • 7 tactics to write an engaging LinkedIn profile that will have hiring managers scrambling for their phones to book interviews with you (and they’ll be for jobs you actually want).
  • How to write your LinkedIn Summary to rise above the sea of competition you face and get the interview call (as well as 3 little known ways of leveraging LinkedIn to find jobs leads and book interviews you wouldn’t have otherwise found).

Click this link to reserve a spot for the session of your choice

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