Mining LinkedIn Connections to Land Strong Job Offers

Mining LinkedIn Connections to Land Strong Job Offers

LinkedIn is a treasure trove of hiring manager contacts waiting for job seekers to find them and connect. 

You can find almost everything you will ever need searching contacts inside and outside LinkedIn.

I say “almost” since nothing is absolute. But even when LinkedIn doesn’t produce the contact you need, it gives you people who can give you a contact who can connect you to the right person.

I envision a bouncing ball going from person to person until you connect with the right person to give you what you need and put you on the right path.  

The power of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th degree connections are exponential.

You may be wondering: “Wait?!? Did you say 4th or 5th degree connections, Lisa? LinkedIn only goes up to three degrees. What are you talking about?”

How do you get 4th and 5th degree LinkedIn connections?

Well, you ask your 2nd and 3rd degree connections for their connections. And then ask those connections for their connections.

That brings you to 5 degrees.

How is this helpful?

This is helpful because if you can find contacts at companies directly to reach out to, then you no longer need to be a click-addict clicking their way through resume submissions on job boards.

You can reach out to humans.

Imagine that.

Back in 2017, Harvard Business Review ran an article about how the “friend of a friend” method of getting connected to and landing a job accounted for 17% of how hires were made from 141 members surveyed in a San Francisco job search club. 

So this method is one tool of the many to use from the job landing tool box.

These tactics shouldn’t be ignored.  

One way to do this is to do a connection search for individuals who have hiring manager type titles or managers who would over see the role you want. Look how you are connected and that mutual connection can help you possibly get connected to that hiring manager. 

Another way is to reach out to vendors and ask them for aptly-titled-hiring-manager people to reach out to. 

Think through how people are connected on LinkedIn and find the people in between and reach out.  

What other LinkedIn hacks do I have up my sleeve?

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