My Little LinkedIn Networking Hacks

My Little LinkedIn Networking Hacks

Last week I reached out to 9 LinkedIn connections.

Rather imperfectly.

Every week I reach out to 5-15 people.

Here is how it happened this past week:

(1) I thought of someone I haven’t spoken with in a while. I grabbed my phone and I put on my calendar on Monday A.M. “Reach out to John Jones.”

(2) I scrolled through LinkedIn while watching TV on my couch. I looked for two connections I haven’t chatted with in a bit of time. I mark my calendar on Monday A.M., “Reach out to Richie Cunningham and Margaret Simpson”

(3) I go through prior client lists and pick two people I want to reconnect with. What do I do next? You guessed it… I make a note to call those two people Monday A.M.

(4) I did a college search and looked for – few people I graduated with and hadn’t connected with in a loooong time. And put 4 of those people on my Monday A.M. calendar slot.

… and then this Monday A.M. came.

I ended up having a full calendar on Monday already besides the time I needed to do these reach outs.

I could either put them off until tomorrow until I can call… or I decided to send quick emails instead while in line at one of the appointments I had on Monday.

Yep—during waiting periods, I sent 9 LinkedIn messages or emails to reconnect with 9 people.

Here are the stats…

5 replied back resulting in:

2 phone calls scheduled.

One Zoom chat scheduled.

One multiple voicemail exchange happening, but I’m sure we will connect soon.

And one more person I need to reply back to still…

Not bad… eh?

And I did it imperfectly. I didn’t wait until I could do it perfectly… because if I am being honest with myself, I may not have done it at all.

How do I know?

Because some weeks I didn’t do it at all.

So I prefer to do it when scheduled.

And why not do it at the time of finding the name?

Good question…

I found that when I find the name and call at the same time, it’s two tasks—so I end up calling less people overall.

When I split up the tasks (find people to reach out to first, then reach out to people another time), I end up connecting with more people in the long run.

So that’s one of my many little LinkedIn networking hacks.

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