New Interview Question: Your 20-Year Old Dumb Decision?


interview questionImagine being asked on an interview, “Tell me about a stupid decision you made 20 years ago and how it is impacting you today?”

Well, if your coffee didn’t wake you up this morning, I’ll bet you reading this question just made your eyes open a bit wider.

This is an actual question companies ask on interviews.

How would you answer?

Would you be a total truth teller? In the spirit of total transparency, would you use the interview as a therapy session and tell them the stupidest thing you ever did and how you still feel the effects of it today? This will most likely have you lose your corporate front with the interviewer and leave them wanting to wrap up the interview saying, “Thanks for coming in…don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Would you tell them the modified version of your stupidest decision? But because you hadn’t prepared to answer this question, your eyes are shifting all over the place as you tell your really-bad-but-not-so-bad-when-you-modify-it story so you look like a big fibber. You leave the interviewer wondering what else do you have to hide and what else may you be fibbing about…

Would you just lie? I mean, no one can know about THAT, right? And would you get away with lying or would they be able to tell you are lying ….

If you resonate with ANY of these answers, I am going to be direct:

You need to hire us TODAY to help you with this new variation of the weakness question.

Yep, this is a real question.

Gone is the “What is your weakness?” question. Well, at least the savvy interviewers are not asking this question anymore.

Instead they ask gut-punch questions you won’t expect and certainly are most likely unprepared to answer… unless you hire us to master the interview.

This is where you master the interview ($597):

Best. Investment. Ever.

Be ready.





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