Extensive expertise and experience in recruiting and corporate search is one of the many reasons why Chameleon Resumes is so effective at getting clients results. We understand how recruiters and HR managers evaluate your resume and online presence because we’ve held those positions. This “insider” knowledge translates is why our clients get more interviews, more offers and a higher negotiated salary. See what other industry professionals are saying about Chameleon Resumes.

Zachary Nold
Chief Talent Officer at Crucial Hire

Lisa was an amazing National Search Firm Manager for many years when we worked together in different offices for a multibillion dollar company. Now she is a world class resume writer. I know how to make great resumes in HR which showcase a person’s actual accomplishments. However, she takes the cake with her knowledge of how to make strong resume across industries, departments, and levels. My strongest recommendation, for her ability to create accurate resumes that get chosen by employers.

Annette Baron
PA, MBA President – Eagle Research, Inc. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Executive Search Consultant – GSA Contractor

Lisa Rangel is the perfect business partner for Eagle Resources because she shares our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and creating best practice deliverable products. We send our candidates to her with impunity, confident that she will add tremendous value to their search by writing the best possible resume and by taking them through the often difficult process of learning self-branding, interviewing, and other vital skills necessary for career advancement. Lisa is professional, thorough, and passionate. Our candidates consistently praise her work!

Erin Seaman
Human Resources – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Lisa recently visited Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to speak with our staff about how to build a branded resume. I was very impressed with her workshop and her knowledge of perfecting a powerful resume that will get you to the next level in your career. As someone who reviews and helps people with their resumes on a daily basis, I took away some extremely useful information as well. I have attended a few workshops on writing resumes and this was the most helpful, especially for that internal promotion you are going for. I highly recommend having Lisa visit your organization as she did ours and being a value add to your workforce.

Kim Ann Curtin
CPCC, ACC Executive Coach – www.thewallstreetcoach.com

Lisa has the remarkable ability to take all of your skill sets and position them on your resume in a powerful way. After working with Lisa, your prospective employer will see your strengths jump right off your CV and set you apart from the crowd. Hire Lisa and get the promotion or new opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.

Mike Daley
President & CEO of Daley And Associates, LLC

I have known Lisa Rangel for 15 years as we worked together in a very successful national search firm. Lisa was consistently recognized as an outstanding performer and possesses a demonstrated track record of success in providing career advice and having worked with top companies across all industries lines.

Lisa left the search profession and has developed a very successful career counseling and resume writing company, Chameleon Resumes. Lisa is on the cutting edge on career advice and is an expert on writing resumes that produce results. Additionally Lisa provides outstanding counsel on your online profile, cover letters and interview preparation. This counsel is critically important to prospects in the employment market.

I have been in the executive search business for over 30 years and I wholeheartedly endorse Chameleon Resumes as a source of career advice, knowledge and counsel.