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Whether you’re trying to land a position at a prestigious startup or a Fortune 500 company...

... your resume needs to make your achievements stand out as quickly as possible.

Based on what I learned during the 13 years I spent as an Executive Recruiter I have designed this 10-minute Resume Cheat Sheet to help you create a recruiter-ready resume that uses the language and layout hiring managers love.

In this instant download, I will show you how to craft a resume for maximum impact.

With this 10-Minute Resume Cheat Sheet you will learn:

  • How to structure your resume so a recruiter and hiring manager can easily understand your career brand and leadership impact making you perfect for the role at hand.
  • How to create an ageless resume that focuses on your hard-hitting, achievement driven accomplishments.
  • Explicit instructions that will help you avoid making the resume mistakes that most job seekers make ALL THE TIME.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your resumes work with the ATS system?

Yes. Our resume language and layouts are designed to work with the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as well as for the recruiter and hiring manager human eye. Having a resume with the flexibility to do both is important.

Do I need more than one resume?

If you write a strong foundational resume that shines the spotlight on your accomplishments, leadership style and the solutions you bring to the table then you should only need one resume that you can edit and tweak.  When you have a strong foundational resume, you shouldn't need various iterations. You may need to tweak a well-written resume here and there, but that should be the extent of editing it needs.  Additionally, it is important every resume tweak you do is in alignment with your LinkedIn profile, which is a static document.  Multiple versions of your resume means some won't be in alignment with your LinkedIn profile, and we don't want that for you.

Will you help me with ageism?

Our resume cheat sheet will present you in a modern, relevant and timeless fashion. We avoid leading with age related information and instead strive to ensure you present with data-specifics, quantifiable accomplishments, and over-arching executive presence.


About Lisa

Lisa Rangel and The Chameleon Team are the only executive resume writing, LinkedIn profile development, and job landing consultancy who has been hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes. Our 4-Stage META Job Landing System stems from decades of corporate and executive recruiting experience to position you to land your next 6 or 7-figure role faster.