Position Title:  Sales & Marketing Assistant

Employment Status: ​Part Time (10-15 hours per week)

Position Type:  Hourly / Contract (1099)

Pay Rate:  $15.00 + depending on experience

* Must have a personal computer/laptop that can be used for business use.

** The Sales & Marketing Assistant will be subject to a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement. All materials, messaging and creative work developed while working in this position for Chameleon Resumes is solely owned by Chameleon Resumes.

We are hiring a creative and inspired Sales & Marketing Assistant to report to our Business Manager in brainstorming and executing sales and marketing plans while monitoring the performance of those plans. The person who is selected for this role will enjoy collaborating with our Business Manager, Operations Manager and Lisa Rangel to come up with new ways to find our audience and increase the reach of our message of helping senior-level and professional-level job seekers land their next role faster. The passionate person in this role will monitor social media account performance, proactively contact training session participants, and use social media tools for the promotion of our job landing products & services. The Sales & Marketing Assistant is an integral part of our strategic message spreading efforts, client acquisition process and revenue generating activities. The Sales & Marketing Assistant represents the brand that is Chameleon Resumes and Lisa Rangel.  

Hard skills required:  Experienced using social media platforms, specifically navigating LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to widen our audience of our ideal client. Microsoft Office (Word and Excel). Google Docs (logging in, obtaining files, updating files, etc.). Professional writing skills with marketing approach. Ability (or openness) to make cold and warm sales-type calls to acquire market information and follow-up. 

Soft skills required:  Tons of initiative, critical thinking, excellent business judgement, willingness to learn, customer service approach to direct prospects in their discovery of Chameleon Resumes’ products & services. Direct prospects who express interest to the Business Manager. Take initiative to do the work, explore ideas outside of the normal daily routine and share those ideas with the Business Manager when opportunities for customer acquisition and positive revenue impact can be made.

If interested, please submit your resume to our Business Manager, Lyndsey Lehman, at lyndsey@chameleonresumes.com and reference ‘Sales & Marketing Assistant’ job opening.