99 Top Twitter Resume, Job Search & Career Experts To Follow Now



Never realized the gold mine of resume, job search and career information you can find on Twitter? Well, wait no more and follow the 99 Twitter Job Search Experts listed below to spice up your resume and professional-level job search and get results. Whether you are proactively or reactively tackling your job search, there is no time like the present to benefit from the flow of knowledge nuggets provided by my favorite Twitter job search experts listed below…

The careers industry professionals below tweet often (I wonder if some of them sleep!) and generously provide free tips and valuable resources on resume building, personal branding,  job search communications, social media, traditional networking,  job search tactics, interview preparation and career management. They stay current on, share information about and collaborate with each other trending topics within these areas to keep all of us most informed.  Any periodic afternoon spent perusing the tweets of those listed below can leave you feeling up-to-date and ready to conquer the job search world with confidence.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter job search experts, in no particular order. (You can follow all of them at once on this Twitter List: https://twitter.com/LisaRangel/lists/top-99-career-experts. And don’t forget me: @LisaRangel)

Many I know in person, a number are social media buddies, a few I admire from afar (and hope to know someday) and, thankfully, some I actually get to call my friends and mentors.  (Thank you!) I learn from each person on this list and so can you. There are many others that I may have missed, so please leave a comment with any Twitter job search expert that you think I should have included:

  1. @MeghanMBiro
  2. @kevinkermes
  3. @ErinKennedyCPRW
  4. @Keppie_Careers
  5. @Resume_Writer
  6. @lruettimann
  7. @Absolutely_Abby
  8. @Careerbright
  9. @jacobshare
  10. @careersherpa
  11. @TimsStrategy
  12. @TalentCulture
  13. @jackalopejobs
  14. @HeatherHuhman
  15. @LynnDessert
  16. @AmyLAdler
  17. @RobynGreenspan
  18. @careerdiva
  19. @LynnDessert
  20. @kathynetshare
  21. @NealSchaffer
  22. @TinaNicolai
  23. @JasonAlba
  24. @chandlee
  25. @phyllismufson
  26. @careerhero
  27. @Resume911
  28. @ValueIntoWords
  29. @HeatherEColeman
  30. @LaurieBerenson
  31. @AndyInNaples
  32. @caliyost
  33. @TheAcademies
  34. @AlisonDoyle
  35. @BrazenCareerist
  36. @AskAManager
  37. @DWestJr
  38. @alevit
  39. @KristenJacoway
  40. @marenfinzer
  41. @paulcopcutt
  42. @ResumeExpert
  43. @MegGuiseppi
  44. @InterviewIQ
  45. @JobHuntOrg
  46. @AnitaBruzzese
  47. @WendyEnelow
  48. @RyanRancatore
  49. @LouiseKursmark
  50. @TomBolt
  51. @DawnRasmussen
  52. @ed_han
  53. @EliteResumes
  54. @barbarasafani
  55. @KrisPlantrich
  56. @wendyterwelp
  57. @CamilleRoberts
  58. @jtodonnell
  59. @CareerBranches
  60. @LauraLabovich
  61. @One2OneResumes
  62. @ITresumeexpert
  63. @robinresumes
  64. @WalterAkana
  65. @PamelaMMcBride
  66. @bbenishek
  67. @resumeservice
  68. @CEOCoach
  69. @DawnBugni
  70. @KCCareerCoach
  71. @JulieWalraven
  72. @KatCareerGal
  73. @drwoody
  74. @liz_lynch
  75. @ResumeStrategy
  76. @CFOCoach
  77. @NancyCollamer
  78. @BeverlyHarvey
  79. @penelopetrunk
  80. @TheJobQuest
  81. @williamarruda
  82. @abbylocke
  83. @CareerRocketeer
  84. @LinVanVal
  85. @ResumeWoman
  86. @youternmark
  87. @chesres
  88. @GayleHoward
  89. @Lindseypollak
  90. @undercoverrec
  91. @pete_kistler
  92. @MaggieMistal
  93. @Landingexpert
  94. @kellydonovan
  95. @barbpoole
  96. @LisaRangel  – you know, last but not least, I had to include me as a bonus 🙂

You can follow all of them at once on this Twitter List: 


And don’t forget me @LisaRangel

Written by Lisa Rangel, Executive Resume Writer

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