Unsuccessful Interview Tactic: Overwhelm the Interviewer


overwhelm the interviewerI see job seekers overwhelm the interviewers all the time.

What do I mean?

What I mean is when you are interviewing, and you feel like you are not convincing the interviewer that you are qualified for the job – so you start telling the interviewer, in an unsolicited manner, even more details about how awesome and qualified you are, in hopes that you will trigger something in them so they think, “Eureka! That’s what I was looking for – you are perfect!”

The casual panic that comes over you when you know you are missing the mark, and you start grasping at every win story from the deep crevices of your brain. Hoping you find a golden nugget of WOW to pass through your lips and pleasantly surprise the interviewer (and yourself “Wow! I forgot about that” is what you are thinking as it leaves your mouth).

This accomplishment-fueled vomit often leaves you feeling remorseful.

You know you blew it.

“Why did I say that?”

“Why couldn’t I shut up?”

“Ugh… I forgot to say thaaaat – shucks!!”

(You and I know you didn’t say shucks, but it’s my attempt to keep it clean).

The regret creeps in.

You realized more is not better.

Yes, I agree, more unfocused spew has yet to work as a successful interview tactic.

Have you ever done this?

If you have you are not alone, and you can fix it and make sure it never happens again.

So how do you overcome accomplishment spew and not overwhelm the interviewer?


Focus not on you and how you need to be better.

Focus on the interviewer.

What do they need?

And then speak to how you are the solution.

Stop talking aimlessly about how fabulous you are and focus on speaking about how fabulous you will be fixing their issues.

Simple premise.

Complicated to execute.

But you can fix this.

Want to learn how?

The interview prep section of our “Get Hired Fast self-directed program ($297)” will help you prevent accomplishment spew and help you prepare to be a curious problem solver. The interviewer will be like putty in your hands – wanting you to fix their company.

Get our comprehensive materials to help you fix not only accomplishment spew, but job application black holes and resume creep.

We can fix all of it. Here. With this one solution:

Get Hired Fast $297: http://www.chameleonresumes.com/get-hired-fast/


Be well and let’s do this…



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