What Do Job-Searching HR Pros Have in Common with People Getting Haircuts?


Ever hear of HR Pros and recruiters struggling to find a job?

In the online groups I moderate, job seekers often comment with, “I’m trying hard not to dwell on the irony here, but I hear of HR people needing advice to get through a process run by other HR people. Does anyone else have a prayer?” (After learning that HR people are struggling to find a job in a process created by, well, other HR people.)

It seems like it shouldn’t be this way.

It seems like HR people should sail right into a new job since they interview and hire people all the time, right?

Actually, it makes perfect sense that some HR people may struggle. And it is not ironic.

I work with HR people all the time on their job search. And it’s common.

Think of it this way:

Just because you get a lifetime of haircuts, does it mean you can now give haircuts?

It’s the same with hiring:

Just because you hire lots of people does not mean that experience automatically translates into knowing how to land a job.

Hiring people and landing a job are both very different processes that require different mindsets and action steps.

If an HR person is struggling to find a job, they are wise to ask for an outside perspective and not berate themselves for not knowing how to get hired since they can hire.

Another reason why an HR professional or recruiter may struggle can be summed up by this saying I learned a few years ago (I don’t know who said it):

“It’s hard to see the picture when you are inside the frame.”

So if you instinctively know how to do something, like land a job, awesome! God bless!

But sometimes it is totally normal to need some guidance.

So if you have hired 1000 people as an executive, as a recruiter or as a HR person, I would prepare for an interview as if you never hired those 1000 people.

Again, would you give a haircut simply because you have had a 1000 haircuts?


You would still need to learn how to cut hair.

And here is what you need to learn to successfully navigate your next interview:

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Don’t struggle anymore. Get the offer.


Be well!





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