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Lisa Rangel & the Chameleon Resumes team is the only Executive Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development & Job Search Coaching consultancy firm hired by LinkedIn and recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website.

Our unique team of experienced corporate and search firm recruiters, with over 80 years of combined recruiting experience, has been quoted in prominent media outlets and extensively endorsed by current practicing recruiters. With our combined decades of recruiting and HR expertise, we’ve helped thousands of people like you get the 6-figure position they're seeking — FASTER.

Land Your Next Executive Position with Customized Guidance & Insider Expertise You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Is the Chameleon Resumes expertise right for you?

Are you a C-Level Executive (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO), Senior Vice President, Manager, Director, Managing Director, Vice-President or an aspiring manager who feels like your career has plateaued?

Are you looking for a new six-figure leadership position after a long period of executive advancement, or making a lateral move to a company with better future prospects?

Have you followed other resume advice, only to hit wall after wall on your job search with no indication as to why decision makers aren’t seeing your true value?

If you said yes to any of these questions, are ready to challenge your preconceptions about how to carry out a job search, and willing to execute a bold new plan from experts that know how the hiring cycle works first hand . . .

The Expert Job Search Coaches at Chameleon Resumes will work with you to land your next 6-figure executive position.

Most executive positions are unpublished.
Do you know how to find them?

According to Jobvite, CareerXRoads, SHRM and other hiring polls, approximately 20% of all available positions ever show up on job boards, while just 10% of hires happen via third-party recruiters. In fact, 70% of all positions are filled via network connections without ever being publicly posted一it’s the hidden game being played all around you.

People who understand the rules are the ones who maintain upward mobility throughout their career. People who don’t . . . tread water and struggle.

The approach you use to get your second and third 6-figure position won't be the same approach you used to start your career. The activities you did to land a $70K position 10-20 years ago should be very different compared to the activities you need to do to land a $270K position today.

Why should your approach be different?
You bring bigger results at this stage in your career.
Additionally, you are more expensive, more selective, and less available on the hours you want to work. Right?

And there are fewer jobs at the executive level with more executives vying for these coveted roles. You want to take the lead in this process to continue having your career rise at this critical peak stage.

So how do you look for an executive position when you have increased competition, fewer available opportunities, higher compensation requirements and decreased availability?

You approach it like a business situation and you develop a plan to attack the situation successfully.

Your job search is a business situation that need a methodical solution, exactly like the hundreds you’ve planned and executed successfully dozens of times during your career.

We are the answer to your
methodical job search plan

When you work with Chameleon Resumes, we don’t deliver cookie-cutter solutions. We draw on our unique experience as former top-tier recruiters and human resources experts to work closely with you to develop a custom plan that maintains lifetime employability一helping you land your next 6-figure executive position and beyond.

Our team will craft your executive resume, LinkedIn Profile and other marketing documents into powerful career marketing tools and show you the most effective job landing activities to help you land your next position faster.

You will no longer be dependent on job boards or 3rd party recruiters. Our process will help you permanently take back control of your job search and your career, enabling you to generate your own interviews.

Your Resume Has Just 6 Seconds to Make a Great Impression

Recruiters spend an average of only 6 seconds reviewing an executive resume.

The average corporate job posting receives in excess of 250 resumes, with the first resume submitted within seconds of the job posting going live.

Everyone knows a resume needs to stand out and convey the value you’ll bring to an organization. But more than that, it also needs to be structured for the brains of key decision-makers.

Chameleon Resumes will work with you to...

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The Only Certified Resume Writer
Hired by LinkedIn & Recognized by Forbes

Lisa Rangel and the Chameleon Resumes team hold a unique qualification:

We’re the only Executive Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Development & Job Search Coaching consultancy firm hired by LinkedIn to moderate their Premium Career Group—helping premium members win interviews faster and negotiate the maximum compensation.

Our team has been recognized by Forbes as a Top 100 Career Website and quoted in prominent media outlets as an expert resource in how to ensure your job search is successful.

We’ve also been thoroughly endorsed by executive search firm and corporate recruiters, proving ourselves to be the preferred experts on getting hired at the executive level—by the very decision-makers who oversee the hiring process.

Work With a One-of-a-Kind Team of Former Recruiters

Lisa relies on her experience as a former 13-year recruiter to select the very best executive resume writers & job search coaches for the Chameleon Resumes team.

Every team member has years of experience working and recruiting for US and International Fortune 500 firms, successful business ventures and professional initiatives to market job seekers to attract the attention of these specific hiring managers.

This ensures that each of our expert coaches is familiar with every detail of the executive hiring process on both sides of the desk, and allows us to approach the job search with a powerful insider’s perspective possessed by no other consultancy firm.

Chameleon Resumes can provide you the expert coaching and custom-tailored resources you need to land the 6-figure position that places your career on an upward trajectory.

Let’s make your plan. Give us a call.

Partner with our team of coaches and resume writers to get the expert guidance that you need. Our premier Executive Resume Writing Service and job search coaching will provide you with direction in the following areas:

  • Branded Executive and Professional Resume Writing Creation by Former Recruiters who have insider expertise on how to win interviews and what it takes to be awarded the leadership role
  • Branded LinkedIn Profile Writing Development and Keyword Optimization
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Friendly Resumes and Branded Career Communication Documents
  • Social Media Practices and Tactics
  • Cover Letters and Thank You Notes
  • Job Interview Question Preparation
  • Executive Biographies and Networking Resumes
  • Career Networking Plans
  • Targeted Job Search Communications
  • Top Compensation Guidance

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