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3 Ways to Help People Help You

How toHelp PeopleHelp You

Recent work with my clients made me realize that very competent people often have trouble asking for help or they do not know how to ask for help effectively. I have outlined 3 ways you can clearly articulate what you are looking for in a position when networking with trusted sources.

Here are the ways you can get others to help you more effectively:Continue Reading…

“Life is not a checklist” — A Letter To My Younger Self

I attended the B.I.G. Summer Summit in July in Ringwood, NJ. What a beautiful day on so many levels. I had the pleasure of hearing Ellyn Spragin speak about the contributors to her book series, “Letters to My Younger Self – Letters from Extraordinary Women to their Younger Selves.” Ellyn was fabulous and her books are inspiring. She invited us to write a letter of our own. Below is the letter I wrote to my 25-year old self that she posted on her website today. Thank you to the women of B.I.G. for a glorious day, to Ellyn for what has been a moving experience for me and to all who taught me what I wrote below. Below is the posting from Ellyn’s website.Continue Reading…