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6 Ways to Rock the Overqualified Job Interview Question

overqualified job interview questionAre you often perplexed by the situation where you are being asked back for a job interview, sometimes the second or third interview, and manager asks, “Aren’t you overqualified for this job?”  (Side note: I mean, can’t they tell you are overqualified from looking at your resume? Do they need to bring you in once or multiple times to verify that?) But even if you are going in for the first interview, and they ask you what seems like the possibly obvious “Overqualified Job Interview Question,” here is what it tells me: it tells me the company has interest in you. Think about it. They probably already know that you are overqualified. In most cases, they can tell from your resume. So if you are told that at some point in the process, I believe you are not getting rejected for being overqualified—it is something you said. As an overqualified candidate, you need to convince the hiring manager how your situation will benefit them, if they hired you—and don’t focus so much on why it is good for you to take this job. How you handle the question determines if you are advanced through the process. Here are the most unique ways you can answer this question:

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