2015 Executive Job Search Trends


The past few years have seen a major shift in the use of digital tactics and online tools when it comes getting results in the executive job search. While this shift has been occurring in some capacity over past 10 to 15 years, we are now starting to see just how much these web-based products have infiltrated the executive job search and affected the job search results of executive job seekers globally.

The good news is that the internet and other web-based tools (New School Tools), when incorporated with more traditional tactics (Old School Tools), have made it much easier to find a job. The bad news I saw in 2014 is now job seekers make one of two mistakes consistently: either they are making the mistake of thinking that their job search only happens online and abandoning the old school tactics they are familiar with or they do not embrace these amazing online resources at their disposal and only focus on the old school tactics that used to work for them (but they will soon find out will not work as well as they once did on their own).

As such, 2015 will be the year of mixing new school job search techniques with old school methodology in a proactive manner to get faster job search results.


New School: Inbound Marketing

The great thing about the job search being online is that it allows for more recruiters to come to you rather than having to chase them.

Tools like social media, keywords and online resumes like those you would find on LinkedIn allow you to control your online reputation and make you easy to find.

We already know that recruiters are using social media in record numbers so make it easy for them to find you.

Furthermore, you can use tools like status updates on long-form posts on LinkedIn to rank higher in search findings while establishing your expertise. This will help you get more eyeballs.


Old School: In-person social skills

Regardless of how much networking can be done online, you’ll still need to do an in-person interview and engage in dialogue before the interview is confirmed.

The online world may have opened the doors to networking without borders, but unfortunately people have forgotten how to interact in person. While this is a problem usually directed at younger generations, executives need to be wary of this too.

Recruiters are aware of the fact that you can portray yourself one way online and then come off an entirely different way in person, so you’ll have to make sure your social skills are up to par.

Even if the interview takes place over Skype, as many have been, it’s still as if you are there in person.


New school: Mobile-friendly job search

There are already a ton of apps out there to help you with your job search. However, the new trend is that now recruiters are also using the apps to find candidates on the go.

Furthermore, let’s say you’re at an event and meet someone who wants to see your resume. They may expect you to already have it on your phone so you can send it to them immediately, kind of like an on-the-spot job interview.

As such it’s paramount that you have mobile-friendly versions of your resume and that your LinkedIn profile is app friendly.


Old School: Reaching out to companies yourself.

In a new world of inbound marketing it can be easy to forget that you shouldn’t solely rely on it. It’s meant to help the job hunt, not be your only course of action.

As such, don’t forget about the power of reaching out to companies yourself. This will still probably yield faster results than sitting around waiting for a recruiter to contact you on LinkedIn.


HYBRID of Old & New School: Communicating one-on-one via online (email or text).

Today, interviews can be set up over texts or emails. Salaries can be negotiated via email. So much of the process can be done over email or texting. While it would be great if some of it can be done over the phone or in-person, it is sometimes not feasible. The convenience of answering when you are able is a perk of doing it over email—phone messages back and forth can slow down a process for some companies. As a result, it is imperative for a job seeker to learn how to move the conversation forward in communication tools the company is using. Saying, “I wish I can just get them on the phone” may not be possible and the job seeker must learn to convey a professional message via online tools. While it is not acceptable to only want to speak on the phone, it is equally detrimental to convey an unprofessional message online using slang and foggy language during these formal conversations.

By mixing new school job search techniques with tried and true old school techniques, you’ll have the perfect combination to help you land a job in 2015.


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